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Newbie with a question

Aunt Bam

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S: 23st6lb C: 20st1lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 51.4 Loss: 3st5lb(14.33%)
Hi all:)

My name is Maureen I've been lurking around for 2 days reading the posts and checking out the weight loss pictures. Well done to everyone who loss or are currently losing weight. I want to start a weight loss programme myself, but I'm not sure which one CD or LL. Can anyone give me advice on who to use. I work part-time(30 hrs per wk) so cost will be a factor in my decision. Thanks Maureen
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Ll is more than CD but you get the counceslling and the group experience. Sure someone will be along soon with more experience than me.


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Difficult question as if cost is a question then Cd is cheaper. If you are a compulsive eater then perhaps councilling will help which you get with LL.

Good luck whichever you chose.


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Hiya and welcome maureen. I am also a part time worker, I work 21 hours a week. When first hearing about LL I wa put off by the price, but when I sat down and thought about it I realised how many times I had said "I'd give anything to be slim" nd I asked myself "so will I give £66 a week?" I knew it would be tight and I would have to sacrifice one or two luxuries but I knew it would only be for a short time and the difference it would make to my life wpould be phenominal. Turns out, 4 months in and 5 stone lighter. I really am no worse off than I was before. I could easily spend £70 a week pre LL on meals, sweets, junk food...... so I am if anything SAVING money. Not to mention I am happier, more confident, more outgoing, I have a grasp on the reasons why I overate in the first place. I used to think I just liked food...I was wrong.

There are so many reasons why we end up the way we are needing to lose weight. LL teaches you those reasons through behavioral therapy in agroup environment. I really do look at food differently now and know I will never need to do another diet again. I cant stress enough how valuable I found the councilling that lighter life provides, and I am looking forward to the route to management section, where LL gradually introduces food back to your life and teaches you how to make the right choices.

However, I have heard from lots of cambridge diet members who have lost equally large amounts of weight as us LLers. From what I gather it's very similar to LL, I think it may have a slightly larger variety of food replacement packs than lighter life. The meetings on CD are one on one I think, and you dont get the councilling that LL provides, I think it costs about £38 a week for CD.

Hope this helps, good luck with whichever diet you choose and keep in touch on here! x


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Hi Maureen,
I look at it like this.......I spend approx £81 per week on LL (savoury drinks,fruit water flavour and packs) Now thats a hell of a lot of Dosh to throw away if I break the diet isn't it? Imagine that packet of hula hoops with an £81 price tag? :eek:
I had to invest in this programme in every way in order to succeed :eek: when I am so close to giving up the final motivating factor is "what a waste of money that will be" :p It does something to my brain that is stronger than whatever is temping me!
Over the last 17 weeks if you add it all up....it's close to £1300 :eek: I'm not going to chuck that kinda money down the toilet;)
Good luck chickie!


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I worked out what i spend on food, wine, and going out every week as well as lunches at work and it comes to much more than £66 a week. I am now 4-5 weeks in and have almost lost 2 st. I know it is expensive but I wish I'd done it years ago instead of whinging about my weight for over 10 years. Spending £66 a week on rubbish and being unhappy or £66 a week on LL and being happy....it's a no brainer! Good luck.


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It's not cheap but since when in life is anything cheap!! I wanted to change my life and personally I needed to know why I ate like I did that's why I opted for LL...and 8 stone lighter it really is working... there are times when money is tight but I can't put a price on my health. I know that without the counselling I would put the weight back on. You have to work out what is your priority. CD suites some but not others as does LL... hope you work out what is best for you :D

Aunt Bam

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S: 23st6lb C: 20st1lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 51.4 Loss: 3st5lb(14.33%)
Thanks for all your comments, I've decided to read a few more posts on the site. Then way up my options. As I'm hoping I can start either CD or LL by 30/5/08.



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Good luck with whatever you decide Maureen.

For me the counselling is all important, but you will make the right choice for yourself.

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