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Newbie with ALOT of weight to lose..


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Hello All.

My name is Gemma, I am 26 and mother to two children aged 26 and 12 months. I currently weigh 218lbs, down from 224lbs. :D I am in my first week of a low calorie (1000) diet. I bought scales for my kitchen and now look at every calorie regarding to weight. It is amazing how much I was putting away! :eek: The first day (Monday) was hard and I was really hungry. Today I am not too bad, getting used to the feeling of being hungry, tho my stomach is not hating me anymore! I know it will become easier once my stomach starts shrinking. My goal weight is 135lbs, or thereabouts. This was my weight when I got pregnant with my 26 month old DD. I look at old pictures of myself and it makes me feel really sad. :( I am determined to feel better about myself though. Not just for me but for my beauitiful children. I want to be able to run and play with them without having to sit down because I am overweight.

Anyway, sorry I have rambled on. Just looking for people who can support me, and who I can support on this difficult journey... :)

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I'm the same, ideally I want to lose at least 4 stone, I've joined a gym now in a 12 month contract so that is esentially my goal. I doubt if I will ever reach it but I'm gonna give it a good try:)
im trying to lose 4st too, weighed myself today (shouldn't have mind you! my weigh in is on Tuesdays) and I've lost 17lb so far, in about 8 weeks but i did have a pretty rubbish week for 3 of them!
I'm terrible with weighing, a bought a new weighing scales on Monday when I started the diet and I weigh everyday! I've lost 4ibs since Monday which I am really pleased about but official day is Monday! lol.

Also got my first session in the gym on Monday so with the slim fast and the exercise I am hoping the weight will drop off.


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Hi gemsie, well done so far! i've got sooooo much to lose, really i need to lose a whole person! :eek:but because it's so much for me to contemplate i'm doing 2 stone at a time. my main motivation is for my 3yo son too, feel like i've missed out on so much with him up till now :(
well done on the gym, i'm not good with excersise, hoping when i shift a bit of poundage i'll get into it with more enthusiasm.
i've never thought of stomach shrinking, might google it for a bit of scientific motivation!
you've defo come to the right place, i'm new too but this place has helped me more in the last week than anything else ever!
I have a very similar story. I'm 34, I have two children aged 3 and 8 months, and I started at 186lb, and I want to be about 112lb - so that's a lot to lose!
I'm also wanting to do it so I can play better with the kids, and just generally be healthier.

I've been doing slimfast for about 4 weeks now, and lost about 13lb.
Stick with it. It's not always easy, but it is doable, and I'm loving fitting into my old clothes.
I'm also trying to exercise every day, and i've joined the gym which I hope is going to help.

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