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is getting better at it
hello and welcome,
it does take a while to understand it i think, if you have any questions just ask and im sure someone will reply, good luck
I just joined on Tuesday. I remember on Wednesday thinking "ok, I have no clue what to do!!!!!".

After a couple of days though you start to realise what are your HEA (cheese or milk!) and HEB (anything else!)

I tried to explain it to my friend...

"on green days I'm allowed vegetables, rice, potato and pasta and a little bit of meat".

"on red days, I'm allowed lots of meat, but very little rice, pasta or potato"

I think that sums it up :D
thanks for the welcome

i think my trouble is ive done ww in the past and its getting your head around not pointing things, also its cooking from scratch not quick frozen foods, i will get there lol

tonight im having sweet and sour chicken the sauce is 4.5 syns free rice and 2 b's for the chicken.

then yoghurt and fruit for pud


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hi Jenny and :welcome: you wouldn't expect to understand a foreign language after one lesson. SW is similar! It will take you a few weeks to get to grips with the plan, but you will still have great weight losses! Are you doing classes? If so then stay after weighing in, and you will learn lots! Keep reading your book, fill in your food diary, and come on here to ask questions! The weight will soon start to shift! And remember, no question is too silly to ask.


Lover of Extra Easy
Welcome Jenny!
Good luck with SW. It's brilliant and so is this site! Everyone is very friendly and helpful so if you are stuck or feel down, just yell and someone will help!

I used to do the red/green when I previously did SW, but MUCH prefer the Extra Easy as I just concentrate on FREE foods, not what is free on red and/or green!
So all I worry about is the Healthy Extras and syns! Simples ;);)


hello all i am also new to this i started on the 7-7-09 but started the food on the 8-7-09 this is my 1st week and they is a lot to get your head about but im doing the E.E and i love it lol i got my 1st weigh in for real on this tuesday 14-7-09 i hope i lose xx

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