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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by L1sa73, 26 May 2014.

  1. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I've left ww and starting SW again. I was doing so well on SW got to a glitch started ww and didn't do so well. So here I am again.

    I know SW like the back of my hand but do need to stay clear of pasta but find SW EE gets me eating more for some reason so this time I will be strong.

    Does anyone else struggle with pasta and if so any tips on what you do?

  2. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Well-Known Member

    Hi Lisa, I'm starting out again and am planning on doing mainly red days. I don't really have an issue with pasta or carbs but I do personally find it easier to over eat on EE. I think lots of super free fruit and veggies not matter what plan you do seems to be the way forwards.
  3. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree with you fruit, veg and planning

    Do you go to a group?
  4. Beckieee

    Beckieee Well-Known Member

    Hi! Do you like rice? I find I lost most the week I had lots of rice x
  5. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Well-Known Member

    Yes I love rice and pasta I just feel I don't lose as well but thinking ill limit it to a couple of times a week maybe

    I'm just munching on a pear to avoid some tea loaf that's in the kitchen.

    Making sticky chicken 2syns for lunch with a huge salad
  6. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Well-Known Member

    Becky? is that just boiled long grain rice say instead of spuds or pudding rice made some way without milk.

    Lisa I do have a problem with pasta and maybe extra easy as a whole. Some weeks it is ok some horrendous. No answer maybe except to do red or like I used to before EE. I am finding it difficult to do red as like my spuds, to be honest I just like food. Good luck with your new sw journey
  7. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Well-Known Member

    I've just joined this morning!

    I've done SW lots of times though so am pretty familiar with the plan.
  8. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Well-Known Member

    Haha I love food too. I cam see me sticking to EE as it'll fit in with family best but be strong and only have small portion of pasta etc instead of the usual I have. I'll give red days a go in the week as hubby works away (kids will fit in) and EE at weekends when whole family here.

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