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Extra Easy Newbie

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by kdl85, 26 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Hi everyone. Today is my first day on sw. I have currently been on Atkins diet but found when I fell off the diet I piled back on the weight I lost and much more.
    I'm not sure if I have posted this on the right place but thought I would start here.
    First day has been good. A little gutted at the miss information my colleague gave me regarding sugar free angel delight. She told me it was sin free so I had a large bowl only to find out its 11 sins per packet. Note to self don't trust what everyone else says. If in doubt check it out.
    I'm currently 19st Goal weight 10.10lbs. I'm doing the diet on my own and have all the books etc given to me by my mum who followed the diet and lost loads of weight.

    Here is my food diary for today. (Please tell me if I am going wrong)
    Breakfast - 2 alpine light bars and a banana
    Snack- banana, apple and satsuma
    Lunch- beef mug shot 1%
    Large bowl of angel delight sugar free - about 3\4 of a packet made up
    Dinner - spaghetti carbonara - mushrooms, wafer thin ham, half a tube of primela reduced fat cheese.
    Muller light toffee Greek yoghurt.

    I'm stuffed to the gunnels :D

    K xx
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  3. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Really supportive 97 views and no replys!
  4. osjmum

    osjmum New Member

    Hi there, first off well done for making a start and good luck with it all.

    I'm not by any means a slimming world expert, but I'm just wondering if you're having enough super free fruit and veg? On EE ( which is what I try to do) I think it's meant to be a third of every meal.

    Hope that helps xx
  5. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Hey osjmum

    Thanks for the advice. I will make sure that I add extra free foods into my meals. I find it hard with being on the go constantly. I don't really get 10 mins to sit down and prepare a meal during the day. Any tips for someone on the go?? Maybe prepare foods day before might help x
  6. osjmum

    osjmum New Member

    I think you're right, preparing stuff the night before or even bulk making and freezing stuff is probably the way to go. I take a box of dressing free salad with new potatoes or pasta and ham or tuna etc to work, I stick on capers so it tastes of something, and then use balsamic vinegar as a dressing. Probably not to everyone's tastes, but I love strong flavours so it works for me. Also if I make a chilli or a spag Bol or something like that I stick In tonnes more veg than I usually would - courgettes,aubergines, butternut, anything lurking in the fridge, and then I've definitely done my 1/3 super free. Surprisingly, the kids still eat it just the same ( if the veg are fairly small), and when you cook it in advance it tastes better the next too. ( nigella would say 'the flavours develop ;-))
  7. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Perfect. Bulk and freezing is the way to go. I had Strawberry's banana 1 alpine bar and yoghurt for breakfast so fueled up for the day. I really like cucumber and could eat a whole one so maybe chop up a Cucumber to go with my mug shot during the day for lunch? X
  8. LittleFlo

    LittleFlo Member

    My trick is the emergency bag of salad leaves. If I don't think there's enough superfree, I chuck some salad leaves on the plate!

    I've found the overnight oats great for breakfast as I make it the night before and it's all ready for me in the morning when I'm bleary eyed and don't want to do anything. I chuck some fruit on top and it's ready to go.
  9. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Brilliant!! Thanks for the tips. I need to loose weight not only for myself but for my 5year old. I don't want to be the fat mummy that can't do fun things because my weight gets in the way!! I raring to go. And head set in the game xx
  10. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    Hello, welcome and good luck.

    As has already been said, you need to up your superfree. Although you've had a lot of fruit which, across the day, might make up 1/3 of your total food, you would do better to increase the amount of vegetables you have at mealtimes so that you don't need to snack so much. For example, you didn't have any superfree at lunch; ideally you would have had something like a side salad so that you ate less of the angel delight.

    Many slimmers struggle with time management issues. Batch cooking is an ideal way to go as is preparing food the night before - I always do this is I'm taking a salad in to work - and you could, perhaps, save a bit of one evening's meal to reheat for lunch the next day ( this is where upping your superfree helps!). Soup is a useful standby - most recipes make four portions and are packed with veg!

    Last, but not least, are your Alpen Lights the old ones at 70cals? The recipe has just been reformulated so that they're higher in calories and as a result can not be used as a Healthy Extra. If you have the old ones, then you can still use them as a HE.
  11. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    The say new improved on them so must be the new ones. Thanks for pointing that out.
    I will eat more veggies at meal times. Xx
  12. vickirose1989

    vickirose1989 Member

    How about making a syn free quiche to eat the next day with loads of veggies mixed in
  13. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    How do you make that? Sounds amazing.
    For tea tonight I made curry Quorn mince with rice.
    1 red bell pepper
    1 orange bell pepper
    Half a pack of mushrooms
    1 carton of passata
    1 tin of mushy peas
    3 tablespoons of curry powder
    Garlic and chilly salt on rice.
    Was yummy and fed me and my partner. Still got some left for lunch tomorrow :thumbup:

    Plenty of veg added this time.

    K x
  14. vickirose1989

    vickirose1989 Member

    To make the quiche I normally use any veggies I've got and cook them for a few mins the add to a dish with about 4 eggs and a pot of cottage cheese mixed up and cook in the oven until brown
  15. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    And if you want your "quiche" a bit more substantial, throw some cooked rice or pasta in there too.
  16. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Brilliant. Thanks very much for the recipe. Going to try this tomorrow x
  17. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Hi there,

    First of all well done for making the first step and joining slimming world!

    The first few days are always difficult as you're never sure if it's right or wrong and how any syns etc! I am a very busy lady and like you find it hard to prepare the meals all the time. I always make way more than necessary and freeze the left overs for days when I don't have time to cook, I usually cook lots of food on Saturday when I have some spare time. I also prepare breakfast and lunch the night before which saves lots of time in the morning. My other bit of advice which I found helpful was to fill 1/3 my plate with salad/veg which made sure I was getting super free and actually cut my portion sizes as I was so full!

    I have just invested in a slow cooker and plan to use this regularly so I have lovely cooked meals when I get in of an evening!

    Good luck with your first weigh in ;).

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  18. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    I've found that Tesco still do the old Alpen lights, and apparently they're going back to the old recipe, too. :) (Or, the consultant at group said so) Tesco also have more flavours of frylight than asda does :)
    for on the go meal ideas, what about a sandwich (wholemeal, hexb) with tuna, salad, tomatoes, cuecumber and whatever else you like in it? I did one for the OH (A growing man!) the other day and he loved it.
    You could also do filling breakfasts before you leave for work. What about overnight oats or a "fry up"?
    WW cumberland sausages are 1/2 a syn each. With some tinned tomatoes, fried mushrooms (using garlic frylight is extra yum, and you can toss in some proper garlic too for another veg) onions, fried egg, bacon (fat cut off.), baked beans.. :)
    For when you're out you can also pre-make soup the night before. Heat it up in the morning as you're getting ready to go out and slip it in a thermal flask. One I like doing is tinned tomatoes, butternut squash, onions, garlic, chilli, carrots, mushrooms, leeks, spring onions, peppers and some beef stock to cover it all. A bit annoying with the chopping but it tastes nice and is really filling! And if you don't like something in there just don't add it. Add veg you love and you'll want to eat it. you can also add some potato chunks. I avoid adding pasta in it when I know I'll re-heat. it goes a bit mushy. :)
  19. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Meloncollie amazing!!!! Thanks for the ideas. Its been a very busy day today. Started work at 7.30am and just in the door. Was delivering training to staff tonight so done really well staying away from the real butter biscuits and cakes!
    I'm slowly getting the hang of this diet. Its great to be able to pick up a piece of fruit and eat it when your hungry. On the Atkins diet I was struggling with quick on the go foods.
    Thanks everyone really appreciated the advice xx
  20. kdl85

    kdl85 Full Member

    Well weigh day today and I have lost 3lbs. Happy with the results. Week two I'm coming atcha xx
  21. SCP13

    SCP13 Member

    Well done!

    I started today and would love a 3lb loss :)

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