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:D 'Alia' waves a big hi to all you peeps here on this forum, having been introduced to this haven by one of my closest friends.

I'm 35 years old, mother of 6 children, a girl of 15, twin boy and girl of 12, twin boys of 11 and a wonderful baby boy of just 10 months.

My issue with weight and food goes back as far as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is being back home during one of my breaks from boarding school and my mother insisting I do the cambridge diet. I must have been around 10 years old and around 13 stone. Deffinately not an age where the CD should be being used.

I have tried every diet going and when that failed I turned to the miracle of stomache stapling in 1999 only it was n't that miracle I was looking for as I quickly discovered ways around my addiction to chocolate.. actually anything sweet and to cut a long story short i lost a few pounds gained a few, lost a few and now gained a whole lot more.

The most weigh I ever managed to lose was 5 stone and that was through Slimming World about 3 years ago but a holiday away from it meant I was n't able to get back to the programme and as expected the 5 stone went back on plus a few more.

I start on my quest to have another form of surgery around march last year and was accepted for a gastric bypass. Elation, the answer to all my prayers. My creator had other plans and by my next appointment all bets were off as I had discovered I was pregnant. My surgeon told me they would send me an appointment when the baby was 6 months old. He was due 1st of January this year but was inpatient and arrived begining of November last year. Had the most terrible pregnancy, basically did nothing but lie on the couch, only venturing out when I really really had to. I know it was due to my weight, no point trying to argue about it.

I managed to get an appointment with my surgeon around april time and was sent off to see the dietician who said she did n't feel at this time surgery was right for me due to my terrible diet... YES IT IS TERRIBLE but would see me in 4 weeks and see if it had improved.. which of course it had ;)

My case was put to panel and on the 1st of September I got my date which is the 19th of November. I have mixed feelings about it. As the first surgery did n't work and my surgeon has said he can't see the staples from that surgery that he is kind of going in blind and only knows what he will need to do when he gets inside... Thats the scary bit I guess cause I don't really know whats going to be done.. The objective is a revised gastric bypass so fingers crossed that is what I will wake up to, Inshallah.

I hope to become a regular on this site and do a diary through my experience, right from when I start my preop surgery.

My husband is really pretty much against my sugery as he is terrified something will go wrong. I'm tired, really very tired, even doing the smallest of tasks leaves me so breathless. I have constant pain in my back, feet and knees and have so much trouble sleeping. I want to be free of this and with out this surgery I can only see things gettng worse. I lost so much weight carrying my baby boy last year due to constant sickness but I've gained that back plus around 3 stone. I'm 3 stone off the heaviest I have ever been in my life and it has to stop NOW!! I'm a mother with 6 kids, I need to see them grow up, I need to be there for my baby and play with him, take him for walks instead of being like an old woman not being able to do anything. I want to live and not just exist. I feel so miserable as I am, nothing fits me, nothing looks nice on me and I hate to look in the mirror, I just want to hide me away, although I'm that big, that would n't be possible lol.

I'm going to start my pre op diet 4 weeks before the date of my op simply because my surgeon has said it will give more chance of success as it will shrink my liver making the surgery easier and givng it more chance of being a success.

So that is me and I'm quite excited to start my new journey, it just can't come soon enough :)
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welcome to the forum

a big cyber hug and welcome to the forum! you will meet lots of friendly/helpful people and they are all so very welcoming...I became a member in 2007 and its the best site I have ever been a part of!

;) and you my dear are my closest friend...thank you for all you love and support!


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Thanks all for the warm welcomes, I'm so looking forward to my journey and am getting impatient for it to start, its 2 months till my surgery and it seems so far away but it will be really nice to have some one to share my progress with and to give me support as I need it.

Thanks all again

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