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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello to all you lovely people. I'm your typical yo-yo dieter; the weight has started to creep back on (AGAIN) and as of today I'm back on CC to shift my spare tyre. I'm off to a wedding on 4 July so am using that as a target.

Looking forward to meeting some great people on here for support and fun.

Bessie x
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wants to get super fit!
Hi Bessie. (Love your name!) Welcome to CC!


wants to get super fit!
Thank you! It's been tough at times but the support I've had on here has been tremendous and I'm VERY determined this time. If I have any weak moments I take a look at the 'before and after pictures' thread. It's very inspirational - have you had a peek??
Oooh, thanks for the advice, I'll defo take a look. My problem is that I am a night-time nibbler and emotional eater. I've got into the habit of snacking in front of the tv after dinner. I have eaten far too many Galaxy bars of late (and not the little ones!) and really need to crack the habit. I've tried cleaning my teeth after dinner but that didn't really work as chocolate tastes ok with mint, ha ha! It's not even as if I keep the stuff in the house - I am quite happy to walk to the shop to buy it! Argh!

I read somewhere that if you can quit something for a fortnight then you are less likely to crave it afterwards. So I'm going to try to give up chocolate for a fortnight and see what happens. I'm also going to up my protein intake as I've heard that that helps with satiety (as I often feel that I have a bottomless stomach!).

Anyway, I'm off to get some inspiration from the before and after pics. Thanks again xx


Gone fishing
Welcome Bessie and all the very best with CC.


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Hello Bessie :)
Hello and welcome!
You could still have chocolate y'know.. Just the 50g bars, they're about 250cals so you could factor in one if you're really desperate.


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:) welcome Bessie x


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Hi Bessie, welcome to CC from one newbie to another xx
Hi Bessie
I've given up choccy too and I've done well but i still have a sugar rush so I have a drumstick lolly or love hearts.

I wonder how many calories are in those......:sign0007:

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