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  1. Annie34

    Annie34 Member

    Hi All,

    I am starting SS+ tomorrow and am excited and a little scared. Have done many other diets including CWP (for 3 months, lost 1 stone), and would love some support and advice on how to get through the first few days at least!

    Have a lovely consultant who has been supportive and helpful, but I know its all down to willpower, and this time am a lot more determined!

    Looking forward to hearing from other newbies who are starting, and those who have succeeded! Cant wait to start shedding the pounds!!

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  3. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Good luck. Just keep drinking water and remember it gets easier and easier as the days go by. I'm now on week 11, I can honestly say its flown by. You'll be there in no time. Just keep focused and strong. Try and keep yourself busy the first week or 2.

    Wk 1 -8lb
    Wk2 -6lb
    Wk3 -3lb
    Wk4 -4lb
    Wk5 -3lb
    Wk6 -3lb
    Wk7 -3lb
    Wk8 -STS :-(
    Wk9 -STS :-( Again
    Wk10 -4lb whoop whoop lol
  4. Annie34

    Annie34 Member

    Thanks Liz!

    Will report in on progress!
    Any other newbies want to join in for support?
  5. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Day 47 for me. it becomes part of your life after a while and people are more accepting when they start seeinv the drastic changes to your physique. it will all be worth it i promise!!!! Best of luck!
  6. vicki_b85

    vicki_b85 Member

    Hi Annie
    Day 12 for me, it's starting to get easier although I have done cambridge before, so knew what to expect. The first week is the hardest, just drink lots of water and keep busy and ur firsts weeks loss will be brill, I lost 7lbs in the first 6 days :)
    Keep us posted on how you get on, good luck xxx
  7. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    Hi Annie,

    Fellow newbie here - me and the other half started this morning. We have a holiday in 13 weeks, so we're hoping to shift quite a few pounds between now and then! From what I can gather, the keto flu will be the hardest thing to get past but if you've already done it once, you'll know all about that!!

    Fingers crossed for both of us!

    Amy x
  8. danni95

    danni95 New Member

    Hi Annie.
    I'm also starting today and feeling really motivated. I'm doing the SS+ too. Had the apple and cinnamon porridge this morning, but wasn't to keen. But drank a pint of water.
    Danni :)
  9. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Just starting day 3, not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Drinking loads. Peeing loads. Just the motivation of getting on those scales next Monday is getting me through. Good luck everyone, keep posting! X
  10. danni95

    danni95 New Member

    End of day 1 and it went really well. Proud of myself for getting through the day. Went for a walk too :)
  11. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Well done!! I'm just finishing day 3 and I done an exercise DVD at home. I'm feeling hungry moody miserable grouchy tired and just generally unhappy what with being so hungry. It's just one thing I can't cope with very well. I'm hoping it starts to get easier soon!
  12. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    My OH was really cranky when he got home from work today (he'd only done one day!) so you're certainly not alone and I think it's just your body getting used to it.

    How did the exercise make you feel? We are going back to the gym tomorrow morning (we are cutting down to two mornings per week for the first two weeks to do our BodyPump class) so wondering how you managed with the exercise?

    Hope everyone has a great day! x
  13. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    How's everyone doing today? Day 4 and not too bad, resisting the urge to weigh myself, everyone on here is having such fantastic losses that I'm worried I'll be discouraged if mine don't match up! :confused:

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  14. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    I'm so fighting that urge (I've only done one bloody day!) but my other half has "bet" that I can't go a fortnight without weighing myself and I can't do with him being smug, so I am resisting! Think of the massive number you'll get at the end of the week, rather than the little ones you'll get everyday, that's how I'm trying to think of it.

    Or you could just hide your scales.
  15. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Hard to though isn't it! I want validation that all this hard work is worth it.
    I want numbers on those scales!!! Lol
  16. Annie34

    Annie34 Member

    Hi all. Day 3 completed today and really hard with some headaches yesterday and today.
    Didn't manage 100% today but am back at it tomorrow. Need to be ready for first weigh in :)
    Good news is I am getting in 3 litres of water, hard work!!

    When does everyone weigh in? Looking forward to success stories from week one!
  17. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Day 5 and feeling confidant. Weigh in on Monday morning so it's keeping me focused. It's a lovely day here so that helps to lift the spirits I find. Keep guzzling that water, it helps with the headaches. Good luck, keep us posted. X
  18. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    My weigh in is Monday evening. I can't wait to see everyone's losses!!!
  19. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Me too, hope I'm pleasantly surprised. I know I've lost but not 100% on how much so I need good numbers on Monday to spur me on. X
  20. Cocobelle

    Cocobelle New Member

    Hi Annie,

    How is your first week going?
    Today is my first day (SS). It's not been as bad as I'd anticipated. My tummy is making crazy noises though!

    Hope everybody is having a good day x
  21. Annie34

    Annie34 Member

    Hi coco belle

    Welcome and good luck! It's been a tough weekend and I slipped off a bit but hoping I can keep at it in the days ahead.

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