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Newbie's Vegetarian Food Diary

Hello everyone :)

I am, as the title suggests, a newbie to Slimming World, and a vegetarian. I work very odd shifts (hence the time of this post!) so I anticipate this will be a very hard slog! I intend on joining my local SW group, but I lack the confidence at the moment, so I'm starting here and building up to it :).

Start weight - 11st dead.
Height - 5ft 1'

Well, that was painful...

Anyway, food plan for tomorrow is as follows (will have to check in tomorrow night and let you know how well it has gone!).

Breakfast - Porridge (HE) with skimmed milk from allowance.
Lunch (when I wake up) - Large salad with 40g mozzarella and cold brown rice. Muller light yoghurt.
Dinner - jacket potato, baked beans, salad, fruit salad
Snacks - Alpen bar (3pts), banana, cottage cheese

So...a relatively saintly day planned, but my wonderful boyfriend wants to take me out for a drink or two in the evening so ill see how things ACTUALLY turn out!

Looking forward to getting to know you all :)
Gem x
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The Big One

Good luck on the plan, I hope it goes well for you. Just a couple of thoughts on your diary - are you doing green days? If so, you don't need to count syns for the Alpen bar (presume it's a Light one?) as you are allowed 2x a & b healthy extras (don't know how big your porridge portion is though so disregard this if you've used 2 hexb's already!)

Also, I don't know your reasons for being veggie, but Muller Lights are not vegetarian as they have gelatine in them. Again may not bother you if you just don't like meat.

It's a v small thing but you're allowed 42g of mozarella. Every gram counts!

Hope your day works out as you've planned!
Thankyou so much, you are wonderful! Even more so considering I now know my 'carb curbers' Alpen lights are free! We get big boxes of the summer fruits ones from the cash and carry, so we always have them in :)
I have the original sachets of Oat So Simple as they are measured out and when I come off a night shift the least tempting idea in the world is weighing my breakfast!
I'm a veggie for ease mainly...I moved in with my boyfriend who has been veggie for 10 years a few months ago, and I do the cooking so it's just easier if we are both eating the same. He was horrified to discover that his favourite yoghurts have gelatine in, so a big thankyou from both of us for that. I will probably still eat them but he will definitely not be!

So, breakfast at home was porridge with milk from allowance, then a LOT of snacking on cottage cheese (roughly 300g today...night shifts make me a nibbling disaster!).
My salad had been eaten come lunchtime (not by me I might add...) so I had some mushy peas (about 200g warm) with a packet of twiglets (5syns) a toffee muller light and an Alpen light bar. Bit rubbish but saintly considering my other option was a crisp sandwich...

Just on my way to buy jacket spuds now, should have walked about 3 miles on the round trip so a bit proud of that. Imapmyrun is a great app...anyone that walks or runs for exercise should try it!

Might treat myself to a glass or two of wine later...my Syn count is only 5 so far so I can afford 2 if I'm good from now. Boy will be glugging beer so don't want to feel too deprived :)



The Big One
Sounds as though you're doing just fine! Re the Alpen Lights - you can have 2 for a healthy extra 'b' (more good news!) but they are 3 syns if you're synning them.

Re yogurts, I always have the Shape Zero ones (except strawberry), the Activia fat free are also veggie.

Watch out with the wine, it's 6 syns per 175ml glass but enjoy your evening!

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