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Newie and needing help with syns please

:DHi everyone,

Well i have started Slimming World Online today and i am a bit confused, i havent got much weight to lose i am 5ft 7 and weight 11stone 2lbs i want to get to 10 stone this being my ideal weight i have tried everything but this hasnt worked. Anyway i have noticed on SW i am told i can have 15 syns a day. If i have these Syns i think i am going to put on weight as it more treats than i am used too, would this be right, any adice would be great. Many thanks Tor
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Syns are part of the plan and are there to be used! They are there to help so you don't feel deprived in any way.
Most people find they have good losses when using their syns.....and then at a later stage, if weight loss slows up, you can then cut them down.
I personally find that I lose best when using 7-10 per day, but its just a matter of trial and error.
Thank you sam, i will bear that in mind just been really worried if i eat them i will put on weight lol, i work in office all day so this doesnt help either lol. I am going to start swimming tomorrow, hopefully this will help. I am new here can you tell me how i can view my posts after posting them? soz if i seem thick lol. Thanks Tor


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i started sw last week, and because the amount of food you eat on the diet i was finding it extremley hard to fit in the sins, (as most people im finding that years of only eating 1 meal a day i was never going to loose any weight!!!) i tried to have sins most days but only half the week, i had about 30 -but i suppose the more i get used to the diet the more i will use-but saying that i did loose 6 and half pounds on my 1st weigh in
laura x


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Welcome! I have been with SW several times and always (in sane moments) stuck to 10 syns a day. (When I cut back I lost nothing. )My losses were ok. This time I asked my leader and she said to start on 15 a day and see how I go on. I am losing faster and more consistently than ever before! The more you cut down the less you lose! Trust me! Keep the faith! I love this programme!

So does this mean, i would need to cut my syns after a while? i eat quite healthy anyway and adding these syns seems not right as it more than i usually eat, but i will give it ago. Fingers crossed. x
iv been with slimming world a week and finding it really good at first i thought i never eat all that usually so how will this lose my weight but it has like u i only want to lose a stone in my 1st weigh in i lost 2 1/2 lbs i could of lost more but i had a few nights where i was at a friends and had a chinese and beer so i know why i didnt lose as much as for syns do have ur 15 a day iv gone over on some days and less on others but im hoping im doing more good than bad i cant believe how much u can eat on this diet but it does work as i have lost x good luck iv also started being more active like going for little walks that also helps even if u walk ten mins its got to do something good luck x
Hey ya Sami
Cool i have found someone that is like me i have been worried as i havent seen anyone here that are only losing a stone, do ya mind if were SW buddys be ace to swop tips i do mine online, what about you? xx Tor


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Extra bread, chocolate, sauces etc

Tonight I have had Sweet Thai Chilli Stir Fry, Chicken was hexb and the sauce worked out at 3.5 syns.


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Hi everyone - I like to think of myself as an old pro, not because I have lost loads and kept it off, but because I've done SW 5 times and always lost and I know the plan pretty much inside out so I'm going to try and answer some of your questions.

Syns are everything that don't fit into the catagory of free food or healthy extra - it's not just "treats" like chocolate, wine, sweets, buscuits etc. although these do have a syn value. It can be things like gravy, butter, stuffing, additional Healthy Extra's like cheese, milk and bread.
The reason peoples weight loss slows down, or they start to gain when the try not to have any is because the body isn't getting enough calories to function and goes into starvation mode and hold on to everything - what you've got and what you give it.

You need calories to burn calories. I know SW doesn't work in calories, so think of food as energy, you need energy to burn energy.

Soceity at large has been giving you mis-information, it's not your fault, you need to forget everything you've been told before about loosing weight. The first rule of Slimming World is everything in moderation, this is a learning curve and that is why free foods are free - eat them until you feel full and stop.

Most diets fail because it's impossible to keep doing them forever, the deprivation of food groups or lack of nutrients. Three basic things to remember with Slimming World: free foods - they are there so you can eat and feel full, carbohydrates fill you up and slowly release energy and protein stops hunger pangs and makes you feel fuller longer. Healthy extras are there so you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, but when these foods are eaten in excess you gain weight. Syns are there so you don't feel deprived and have a balanced diet. The reason an item has a syn value is that they have a lower calorie density than free food and if you eat too much you gain weight - that is why there is a set amount.

Hopefully that will answer some questions and help you get your head around it better.

All the best, and good luck

Natt xxx


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With regards to changing your information.
If you click "User CP" on the blue toolbar above you will access your details. Scroll down and on the left hand side will be "Change your details" you can change your weight there.

To get a ticker click here and follow the intructions then copy and paste the generated code (BBCODE) into your signature, which again can be accessed by your User CP.

When you create your ticker you choose a pin, you need to remember this to update your weight loss, you don't need to edit you signature on this site; just at the ticker factory.

You need 20 posts to have an avatar.
You need 50 posts to see other people's profiles (including your own).

Hope this helps

Natt xxx

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