Newish newbie here doing slimming world again -seeking control and a slim summer bod!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MissBecks, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Hi all,

    my name is Becky, I am a 31 year-old single mum of one and a full time primary school teacher. I actually joined here in January but have been quietly reading others' posts and threads, not raising my head above the parapet to speak!

    I have recently re-joined SW, as I have been successful on this before. I am hoping to lose around a stone or maybe more, depending on how I progress... So far I have had a 0.5 lb loss followed by a gain of the same amount last week so I haven't exactly been the most successful! After a crazy weekend of breaking the diet again, however, I am back on it today with a vengeance! :character00115:

    Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all and swapping stories, successes and blips, recipes and tips! :talk017:

    Becky xx
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  3. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Hi becky!

    Sound as like you have lots of plates spinning in your life! Good luck with SW. I'm on cambridge diet which is very different. Most people don't understand this, but I actually find weight watchers/slimming works far more difficult that the restrictions if cambridge, lighter life etc. So well done for restarting (another brave thing to do) and best if luck!!

    Keep us updated with your journey! :)
  4. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Hello there!

    Thanks for your message of support, very kind of you!

    Well I have previously succeeded on SW and I enjoy it so seemed logical to rejoin as I am wanting to lose at least a stone. Don't know much about Camridge Diet, I have to say, thought it was a meal replacement diet? Are you enjoying it anyway? Has it worked for you in the past?
  5. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    It is meal replacement, I'm finding it ok. It's my first time doing cambridge and I'm just a week in, so all any positivity and enthusiasm may decline as the weeks go on! Haha!
  6. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Haha know how you feel, I have been like that with SW over the years!

    Being on here is very motivational though as reading other people's diaries and posts helps.

    We can do this!! xx
  7. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member


    Yes we can do this :) good luck!
  8. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Thank you!

    Have you just started SW too?xx
  9. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    Hey, no but I have done SW before. I'm starting exante tomorrow :)
  10. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Oh I don't know that one! Is it a meal replacement one? Or similar to SW and WW?

    Good luck to you in starting it anyway, that's the first step done now that you have decided you're doing it.xx
  11. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    Yes it's a meal replacement one as I want to lose quickly so I can get on with the really hard work of maintaining. I want to stop yo-yo ing once and for all!
  12. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member


    Think that is a good goal to have in mind, you sound like you know what you want and how to get there.

    Do you have to attend meetings for exante? Is there a weekly weigh-in? There is on SW and I have mine tomorrow, fingers crossed I have lost something despite a rather silly weekend! I have stuck on plan 100% since Monday but don't really feel like I have lost anything so am keeping my fingers crossed! xx
  13. Natbat3

    Natbat3 Member

    New to this

    Hi i am new to this,started slimming world monday having been on cambridge for years! I have lots four stone but im sick of restricking myself of certain food. Just hope sw works for me aftr not having carbs food for so long x
  14. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    There's no meetings with exante which is why I'm on here for moral support and I'm writing my blog again too. I have my fingers crossed for your weigh in!
  15. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    Good luck with SW! It worked for me last year until xmas when I stopped going and then started eating crap again :( I seem to lose and then gain the same two stone over and over! Not any more. I am determined to keep it off this time!
  16. Natbat3

    Natbat3 Member

    I want know until Monday if it works for me. It's only my second day but I'm doing everything right. It's weird because you can eat unlimited amounts of free and super free food and iv always thought you had to starve yourself to loose weight lol you can still eat crap lol just count your syns ! I'm saving mine for vodka at the weekend lol x
  17. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Hey Becky

    Here to subscribe :) xx
  18. hollyjessica1986

    hollyjessica1986 New Member

    Hi Becky fellow classroom worker (hopefully following a meeting next week anyway) here! I'm rejoining slimming world following becoming engaged at Christmas and gaining weight. Haven't been to my first meeting yet but been following plan since Monday and rather than losing weight have apparently gained 1.5 lbs, which I know from the past is nothing to go off but I am gobsmacked about it all the same! But I realise things like this happens. Just stick with it and hopefully it will come right!
  19. lizw

    lizw Member

    Welcome, and good luck with the diet.
  20. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Thanks JessyG24. How are you getting on?xx
  21. MissBecks

    MissBecks Member

    Morning hollyjessica1986, nice to have another classroom worker on here haha! Congratulations on your engagement, what a lovely goal for you. :)

    Sorry to hear about your meeting at work and about your gain. I have done really well before by drinking lots of water and eating lots of superfree esp carrots and strawberries! Maybe give that a try? How have you got on in the week?xx

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