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Newly engaged so time to slim!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Sia, 3 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    I havent dieted since 2011 and I have been putting it off because of how unhappy it can make me feel. But having been with my OH for 10 yrs and gaining 6 stone, i really want to be happy with myself.

    SW has worked for me best in the past, i truly think it is the best eating plan for life, it just requires a high level of organisation (i am a student now, so hoping i can get some healthy habits in place before i start back at uni in oct) Anyway I'm rambling...
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  3. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Yesterday I ate:

    HexA: 350ml skimmed Milk
    HexB: 1tbsp olive oil
    Drinks: 1.5ltr NAS summer fruit squash, 5x tea
    Exercise: 30mins Davina DVD
    Syns used: 5.5

    2x boiled eggs & an orange
    Baked Beans
    Hot smoked salmon & tomatoes
    Garlic prawns w jacket potato & samphire 5.5 syns

    Garlic Prawns
    1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
    1 pound shrimp
    salt to taste
    6 cloves garlic, minced fine
    1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
    2 tbsp cold butter, cut in 4 pieces
    3 tbsp lemon juice
    1 tbsp caper brine
    1/3 cup chopped Italian parsley, divided

    Recipe: Food Wishes Video Recipes: Garlic Shrimp – Not Necessarily In That Order
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  4. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Today I have eaten:

    HexA: 350ml skimmed milk
    HexB: none
    Drinks: 1.5ltr NAS squash, 2x tea, 2x diet coke
    Exercise: none
    Syns used: 9

    2x boiled eggs & Orange
    Smoked salmon
    Jerk Chicken w Rice & peas: 9 syns

    Recipe: Jerk chicken with rice & peas | BBC Good Food
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  5. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Today i ate:

    HexA: Skimmed milk
    HexB: none
    Drinks: 1.75ltr NAS squash, 3x tea
    Exercise: none
    Syns used: 0

    2x boiled eggs & an Orange
    Mince & vegetable Bolognese
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  6. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    I need to ensure i use my healthy extras because not only are they important but they are filling.

    Today i have eaten:

    HexA: 350ml skimmed milk
    HexB: 4x ryvita
    Drinks: 1.75ltr squash, 3x tea
    Exercise: none
    Syns used: 15

    2x boiled eggs
    Small tin sweetcorn
    4x ryvita
    Chicken salad w 3tbsp full fat mayo 15 syns
    Mince & vegetable bolognese w pasta
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  7. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Today I have eaten

    HexA: 350ml skimmed milk
    HexB: 4x dark rye ryvita
    Drinks: 1.75ltr squash, 3x tea
    Exercise: none
    Syns used:?

    1x boiled egg & red grapefruit w sweetener
    Prawn salad w balsamic vinegar & ryvita
    2x nectarine

    off plan dinner at a friends to celebrate my engagement:

    glass of champagne
    muscles & small white homemade roll
    lamb, potatoes & vegetables

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  8. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Yesterday i ate:

    HexA: 350 skimmed milk
    HexB: 4x dark rye ryvita
    Drinks: 3x coke zero, 1x tea
    Exercise: none
    Syns used:?

    2x boiled eggs

    Off plan dinner for parents to celebrate our engagement

    2x glasses (125ml) champagne
    Roast beef, vegetables, gravy (made with meat juices, flour, marmite, honey, 2x stock cubes, vegetable bouillon & red wine) yorkshire, roast potatoes (cooked with fry light)
    slice of apple pie & ice cream
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  9. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    This if the final day of my first week and while i decided at times not to follow plan completely in order to celebrate my engagement, i still feel hopeful to loose when i weigh in tonight

    Today i ate:

    HexA: 350ml skimmed milk
    HexB: 35g blueberry wheats
    drinks: 2x tea coke zero
    exercise: none
    syns used: 0

    4x scrambled eggs
    vanilla mullerlight yogurt
    5x plums (!)
    Naked Beef fajitas, pepper & onion, sw wedges & quark

    Naked beef burritos:

    Marinated Leftover beef
    For marinade blend ingredients together:
    2tsp lime juice
    small bunch coriander
    2x garlic cloves
    1x chilli
    2tbsp olive oil (i substituted this for water)

    Add to beef, ensure all beef is coated & let it sit for at least an hour..

    fry onion & peppers until soft, turn pan off, add beef to warm through but not cook (beef was rare & i wanted it to stay tender)
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  10. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Just weighed in & I've lost 4lb! Happy, but I'm wondering what I could have achieved without the 2 meals off plan.

    Going to aim for 3lb off this week so I can get half a stone done and dusted :D

    Nothing significant going on in the week ahead as i am still off from uni. Have a friend coming for dinner on Saturday night, but she has work early Sunday so won't be expecting to drink lots.

    Meals planned for this week:
    Sausage pasta
    Roast chicken
    Spaghetti bolognese
    Thai yellow curry

    I also plan to do an exercise DVD alternate days along with walking more; i have a fitbit, but my average daily steps is shameful (under 5000) to i am going to aim for 10000 each day.
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  11. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Today i have eaten

    HexA: 350ml skimmed milk
    HexB: 35g oats
    Drinks 2x tea 1x no added sugar squash
    Syns used: 9+? syns

    Porridge oats, blueberries, total fat free greek yogurt & 1tbsp honey: 3 syns
    2x plums
    toffee mullerlight
    Prawn salad with 4x ryvita: 6 syns
    Vegetable & beef mince bolognese
    Apple pie & ice cream syns:?
    Last edited: 10 September 2014
  12. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Today i hate eaten:

    HexA: extra light Philadelphia
    HexB 35g blueberry wheats
    Drinks: 1x no added sugar squash
    Exercise: none
    Syns: 6+?

    blueberry wheats with some of yesterdays milk allowance
    2x kiwi
    4x ryvita, Philadelphia, smoked salmon: syns 6
    Apple pie & ie cream: syns ?
  13. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Today i ate:

    HexA: 1/2: 175ml milk 1/2: 15g parmesan
    Hexb: none
    Drinks: 1x NAS squash, 4x tea
    syns used: 14

    3x boiled eggs
    vegetable & mince bolognese
    vegetable & mince bolognese (again!) w parmesan
    62g (half pack) Heston salted caramel popcorn (268 cal): 14 syns
    Last edited: 11 September 2014
  14. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Hey, here to sub :) congrats on your loss! I have a Davina DVD that I recently bought and wondered if it's any good? I have the super body workout one x
  15. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Hiya, mine is called intense i think, it is interval training, so short bursts of high intensity alternated with breaks to recover your hear rate. Its OK so far and i did ache the following day, although i must admit i have only done it once :eek: haha x
  16. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    Loving following your diary. Lots of ideas! Love it when you add the recipes in, thats great!! Well done on your loss so far. Keep going x
  17. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    Thank you, early days but i am hoping for big things i the long run! :) x
  18. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    I didn't use my HexB yesterday, i always seem to struggle with it. I have bought a 400g loaf, so i am hoping i can incorporate some bread in.

    Today i have eaten:

    HexA: 1/2: 175ml skimmed milk 1/2: 212ml kara coconut milk
    HexB: 2x wholemeal bread from 400g loaf
    Drinks: 3x tea
    Syns: 15 syns

    2x boiled eggs, 2x slices wholemeal bread, 1tsp butter: 2 syns
    thai yellow chicken curry w wild rice 0.5 syn
    Kellys cornish clotted cream ice cream (250 calories): 12.5 syns

    Thai Yellow curry (serves 4)

    butterfly 2 chicken breasts & pan fry until charred
    remove chicken from pan & fry half a chopped onion
    add 2 tbsp thai curry paste (2 syns) & fry off for a minute or so
    add 425ml kara coconut milk, 1tbsp vegetable bouillon & vegetables of your choice (i used chopped small peppers & asparagus)
    once vegetables are softened add shopped courgette
    slice chicken into pieces and add to pan
    serve with rice once courgette has warmed through.
    Last edited: 12 September 2014
  19. Franpod

    Franpod Full Member

    I wish I did it the way you are! I waited until all the engagement celebrations were over to diet. My weight was in the back of my mind the whole time! Good luck with your diet, studies, and wedding plans.
  20. Sia

    Sia Full Member

    I guess because my FIL's are in Australia (they were looking after a sick uncle who has now passed away) i knew it would be a while before we have our official engagement celebration & SW has been on my mind anyway, i nearly joined a few weeks ago before we went on holiday. I always find reasons not to diet, so i took advantage of the engagement as a trigger. Plus i have no idea when we'll get married, it could be this year (doubtful but a possibility)

    There are so many could have should have's that i think it's great you're doing it now & don't beat yourself up about it xx
  21. Franpod

    Franpod Full Member

    For me I'd be devastated if I didn't! I lost all my excess weight in 2011 and then put back on some. Never got around to losing it. Now I'm terrified that I won't look as good as I did then. Next July is the big day. I think I'll be alright if I focus, but really need to get going with it!

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