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NEWS: Announcement made at group about WATER CONSUMPTION

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Our LLC told us last night that Lighter Life and it's panel of "prestigious" doctors and nutritionists including NICE and the other one (name fails me) have reviewed the LL plan and have changed their stance on water.

The now say we should drink THREE litres of water, and that not ony does the water in our coffee and tea count towards that, but so does the water used to mix our packs!

So good news for those who struggle with water. If 4 Litres were too much, it should get easier.

I will probably keep drinking 4, because I am used to it now. But it takes the pressure of some who struggle with that aspect.

You should all be getting the announcement this week from your LLC's so be sure to question them if they don't say anything.


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longs to be average!
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I'm glad you've told us BL - we have a locum for the next two weeks, so wonder if she would be telling us, or waiting for our LLC to return to tell us.


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Our LL counsellor told us before I went away, it is because a bloke at a group nearly died downing ten litres in an hour :|



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IS it physically possible to do 10 litres in an hour?!?!?


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My LLC said ages ago we could include the water from our tea and coffee.
I have to say I almost never managed 4L per day and still had great losses, must be because I was actually doing ok after all, wish I hadn't beaten myself up about it so much though.


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yeah i agree. its a little annoying as thats the part that i found so bloody difficult! seems pointless stressing about it now!!


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So it's about the same as Cambridge now. I could never understand why there was a difference. Reckon a lot of LL people are going to be happy with the reduction :clap:


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I was regulary drinking 4 litres, PLUS tea and coffee... so maybe 5.5 o 6 litres in total per day. I cut down to drinking 2.5 litres of water, plus tea and coffee, and I have been losing more weight for the last 3 weeks on that amount... it must just be what my body is comfortable with...


Well that's interesting you say that Mini Me because after my councillor told us I was quite happy to drop to 2.5l water plus tea and coffee and fluid in foodpacks and that felt fine but i read other posts on other threads that seem to say the more you drink the more you shrink, as it were! I'm in ketone confusion mode. I don't know what's for the best. But we're not all the same size so it's pretty impossible we'd all need the same amount of fluid isn't it?


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But we're not all the same size so it's pretty impossible we'd all need the same amount of fluid isn't it?
There's been a good discussion/debate on the Cambridge forum about water intake.


Our rules are 2.25L plus the water in shakes (so approx 3L in all). Some drink more but the 2.25L is the minimum.

I'm sure you're right about some people needing more, so I really believe that as long as you drink the minimum amount, you can then just go on whether you are thirsty, or feel that you need a drink.

Your body will tell you :clap:


Weird. There's a lot of inconsitency there then. Mine did, yours didn't. I'll maybe have a look at their website. Bound to be an announcement. Will get back if I have anything to report!


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Mine didn't say anything about how much to drink or about the foodpack water counting towards anything - she just said that they had 'relaxed' the 4 litre limit and to drink as much or as little as comfortable.....

I think I'll still aim for the 4 litres on top of the foodpack water - I dont lose very fast anyway so I'd be a bit worried that my small losses might slow down completely if I reduce my water.....


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My LLC didn't say anything at all to me but I think she knows I 've always drunk alot anyway... I'll just keep up to date on here anyway :)


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I thought I'd look on the website. I'm a great believer in drinking the amount of water you feel comfortable with ie at least 2.25L, but anything on top of that if you fancy a drink or if you are thirsty, so the ideal amount will vary from person to person.

LL seem to back this up (well, on their website they do). I quote:

There’s no magic number where fluid intake is concerned. Fluid requirements will vary between different people, due to their height, body-fat composition, age, activity levels and so on. If it’s hot or you are exercising, for example, you may need to take in more fluid to replace fluid lost via sweating - but keep it to a sensible amount and never drink to excess.

Feeling dizzy, having a dry mouth or a headache can all be indicators of dehydration, so learn to read the signals. Thirst is a powerful indicator, so be guided by your thirst and what feels comfortable for you.