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Good Evening Everyone,

Well, I've been back on Lipotrim since Monday (after my birthday/easter break). I had my weigh in today and have lost 3lb in the 5 days. I'm really pleased with that and have decided to take a big step.................................I have decided to come off the full Lipotrim programme!!! I think its the right time for me and after discussions with my Fiancee and my family, they seemed to agree with me.

I have decided to follow a weight watchers style diet from now on with perhaps a shake for breakfast or lunch. I may also use the Lipotrim maintenance products.

I hope I am making the right decision, I'm pretty sure I am. I still want to lose a bit more weight and am sure that with my new healthy diet, that will be perfectly possible.

So, here I am, 3 stone 2lb lighter and a size 14 (very nearly a 12), venturing out in to the world without Lipotrim to protect me. I'm gonna hang around here still though if thats ok? You all give such great support and advice. I would be stuck without you.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks very much everyone-Wish me luck!

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Woohoooo you go girl! You can def lose more weight i am! You have doe fantastic honey and look fab!! Im rally pleased for you and you seem soooo happy:D:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well done Lairey, cant wait to do the same. Good luck and keep popping in. Seeya pet xx


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Yeah you better keep in touch hun? xxx


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i think you will done fantastically ,you have already lost a lot of weight the pics show just how much ,you are not allowed to leave it was in the small print when you registered lol good luck hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Thanks guys.

I am definately not going anywhere! I love it here. You can't get rid of me that easily!

Did you go out for that drink in the end Tracy?



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Lol i forgot i had a hospital appt today hun, it was supposed to be tomorrow night but not sure if i can drink ill see how i feel!! I really really want to go though hun lol xxx


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I'll be fine hun just not used to drinking after all this time and my mate isnt the light drinker type lol. It will be a big one! You upto much this weekend hun? xx


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I've got quite a lazy weekend ahead of me actually. Makes a change! Think some shopping might happen at some point!!!

I'm going to get an early night. Seems like this week has gone on forever. Thank goodness its the weekend!

Have a great night if you do go out and just be careful with the alcohol. You'll be fine.

Night night



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Cheers honey ill let you know how i get on, night night xxx


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Lairey, your before and after photies are amazing! You must be sooooooo proud of yourself. Well done!! I cant wait till I'm 6 weeks down the line.... (only 5 weeks and 1 day to go!) lol
Yes i agree of Lairey photos of before and after she looks stunning , Well done for losing over 3 stone and wish you all the best in the future XX


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Lairey,you would hardly know it was the same person,you look amazing! So pleased for you x


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I ditto what everyone else has said. What I did when I came off the diet the first time (in preparation for my hols not because I was at goal), I had a shake for BF and Lunch then had a Atkins style meal in the evenings. After a week I still lost. I then introduced some carbs in (brown bread and fruit) and the next week I still lost. I slowly introduced food and got to the point where I didn't lose or gain. Basically it felt like I could eat the world (after weeks of ssing!!). I found this best for me, because I was nervous about eating and gaining again. You'll not gain doing weight watchers and just think.....they have lovely frozen desserts!!:D

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