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Nicky's weight loss diary - (69lbs to loose) 43lbs to go!!

Hi everyone,

I have been reading all of your diaries and they have all really inspired me. I saw how much support everyone gains from their diaries and am hoping that I can do the same.

I have approx 69lbs to loose and am due to start tomorrow. I have been out and bought my blender, shaker, what seems like 1 million bottles and some coke zero so I'm all prepared!

Although I have made half hearted attempts at other diets, this is my first time on a food replacement diet and I am feeling a bit nervous at the thought of having no real food for months! Overall I am excited though, this is the beginning of the new me!! I'll be a slim, trendy chick by the Summer (I hope!) ;)

Here we go..... Wish me luck! :D
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Just a quick question....

Is there a limit to how much coke zero/ dr pepper zero I can have each day?
Hiya Nicky and good luck hun..

Loads of really great people on this site that are sitting in the wings ready to help and support you..

I am only on day 6 myself so still a complete novice..

Coke Zero..mmm thats a thing only you can decide .. i had some yesterday on day 5 and it was a lovely sweet change to the shakes and water.. but i dont know about limits.

some on here say try to not overdo it and make sure you drink pplenty of water.(sound advice about the water) and others say they drink loads of it and other diet drinks that dont affect Ketosis..

I think its entirely up to the individual from the posts i have read on here..

No doubt someone much more further along than me will drop a pearl of widsom into your diary for you.

Welcoome again and good luck for your new slim you future xx
Thanks Valentine! That's really helpful. I think I'm going to use those kind of drinks as a 'treat' and see how I get on.

It's great that there's so many people who are in the early stages as we can make the journey together! I'll keep my eye out to see your progress! xx


Doing it exante style :)
Hiya Nicky

Good luck for ur start tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just drink loads of water and have plenty distractions ready. Oh and of course come on here for a moan if ya need too :)

I'm not gonna lie, the first few days can be hell but it's really worth it.
I restarted on Wednesday and weighed today (Sunday's my normal weigh day) and I've lost 8 pounds :) bear that in mind when the going gets tough :)

About the coke zero, I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that it's only advised u have a pint a day! But I have on occasions had 2 500 ml bottles in one day and I don't think it's made any difference to my losses. It's all the eating I done that effected that lol

Can't wait to follow ur journey :) xx
Hi Chaz, thanks again! we will have to keep each other motivated. What's this about beef oxo, bovril and bouillon? Can they be used as a subsitute to the diet? Sorry I'm such a novice! x
U can use a spoonful of bouillon in water, i think twice a day, as well as your 3 meal packs its helped me for sure and it tastes nice but i would like to try and find out if you can use oxo, just for a change.xx
Hi Clair,

Wow, 8lbs! That's amazing and definately motivating! That's more coke zero than I thought which is great!

Thanks for such a warm welcome xx
That's useful to know, let me know if you find out! xx
I havent got a scooby doo about OXO i think its has got to be carb free and not contain certain acids...

So really not sure.. i would prob say no ...as i havent heard it mentioned in the drinks list..

Ah thats it nicky...there is a "sticky" with drinks info..go have a peep xx
Can someone tell me how I can get the tickers which you all have? I want to tart up my posts!
Hi all,

So day 1 is nearly over and I've stayed 100%! I made it really difficult for myself as I am currently doing a degree, funded by my work and was on day release at Uni. They provide a cooked lunch which I resisted and sat outside to eat my bar instead! :)

I've got to say, I'm not very impressed with the packs I have had. I had a banana shake this morning and think I might have got a bit over-excited with the blender as it was pure, thick froth (Not pleasant). I reluctantly drank that and then had a bar for lunch which I couldn't manage all of as I found the consistancy to be disgusting!I'm going to have a soup for dinner and am praying that it is more pleasant than what I've had so far! I just hope that I grow to like them more!

I've drunk nearly 3l of water but have got a stonking headache. I've read on other people's diaries that this is normal but I feel poo!! :(:(:(

I'm really worrying as it's only day 1 and I'm already starting to question my decision about doing this diet, did anyone else feel like this so early in their programme?! :confused:


Doing it exante style :)
Yep I did! I felt poo for afew days. Stick with it Hun! 3 more days and you'll feel fab :) xx
I did, nicky, just keep going, the headaches will get go. Im not having a great day today, i dont feel hungry but im craving food,im like a bear with a sore head!! Im going to stick it out til thursday when i weigh in and hopefully i will get a decent loss that will spur me forward. Keep going hun you will get there. xx
Thanks, I'm glad I'm just not totally weak, moaning before even day 1 is done! Just think what I'll be like tomorrow! lol!

Sorry your day is not going well, at least you now know that you're not the only one! lol xx
After you get through the first two days its not so bad. I think im just really missing eating food,hopefully tomorrow will be better. You are defo not the only person to moan on the 1st day, i started moaning on day 1 and ive not stopped yet lol. Stick it out, im sure you will get there xx
Thanks Chaz! I needed a pep talk! lol xx
Oh dear, day 1 and I've failed already! I tried to eat my veg soup but it was awful so I opted for a boiled egg instead. I'm trying to persuade myself that it's not really cheating but I'm not really convincing myself! Has anyone else really hated the food packs and still got through this??? I'm not feeling too hopeful :(

I can't beleive that I've fallen at the first hurdle......:(

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