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? nicotine gum

Hi amm

Sorry, don't know the answer to your query but I am sure a knowledgeable person will pop along soon. Good luck giving up smoking - I gave up a 20 plus habit in the first week of August 2008 and haven't slipped up since. I had been a serious smoker since 1987.

It really has been a positive move, I no longer get so breathless walking uphill or just walking distances in general. I used to hate smelling of nicotine so soon after stepping out of the shower and applying perfume. And I was able to change the terms of my mortgage thanks to saving well over £150 a month.

I turned to food 'for comfort' as I was not on a diet at the time. Combining giving up smoking and doing CD sounds like a good idea, although you will have to judge if it is too much to do at one time. You sound very determined - perhaps if you can't have nicotine replacement you could try hypnosis, worked for me and my uncle who had smoked about 35 years.
Just want to get through this evening, back on patches tomoro.... in between minis and alan carr!
My friend Robert gave up about 4 years ago with Alan Carr method and he remains an enthusiastic promoter of its merits. I recommended it to another pal who thought it was the comedian on Channel 4!
Keep us updated on how you get on.
hey - from the list of ingredients you read out, not really sure.....:confused: and, chewing creates saliva and can make us feel hungry.........s'pose gum is better than fags ??!!!!!!

if I were you though, I think I'd stick with the patches.......

Debz x
Cheers debz... patches on tomoro just gotta get through tonight.... I have the gum beside me just not needing it yet!!!! Cold Turkey for me lol (I wish that sounds good!)
I used Nicotine gum all the time whilst doing CD, didn`t seem to affect me.
(mind you, I`m hooked on the gum, been on it for ages !!!)

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