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night eater??

I am finding the diet esay to stick to but i hate this time of the day as its in the evening when i eat!! yes i know it was mostly all the wrong things but this is my most difficult time. I wonder why some people eat at night or out of boredom everyone is different thats fair to say but what makes us that way????????:confused:
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I was an evening eater too :(

I just didn`t have time during the day as I was here, there and everywhere so didn`t really miss food so in the evening is when I would pig out!

Maybe go have a soak in the bath or something to occupy ur evening?

LiSe x

Im exactly the same, I can do the diet in the day no problem but its the evening, at about 8pm when the kids go to bed I get bored and fed-up, I just wanna go pick on something, Id be happy with anything.

It is so hard when you get to the evening so Im fully understanding how your feeling. Im only in my 2nd week and im already struggling, I think the weather has alot to do with it as well, if it were sunny id be wanting to be slim as everyone has there summer clothes on :(
Evening's are definitely the worst, think it's a combination of being at home, perhaps watching TV/film which I sort of associate with snacking & also I think people (me included) often eat when they're tired or a bit bored. Definitely the worst! Whenever I've done calorie controlled I've always left the majority of my calories for the evening to try to compensate for this, heh.

Still, there are plenty of other things to do at this time of day, or so I hear ;-)



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I am exactly the same at night, I am only on my first few days on restart but I find myself watching TV upstairs while on the computer to stop being tempted and boredom is defo a big factor.

Jo x
evenings are difficult especially after some booze makes it even harder


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I think alot of people on here agree that nightime = munchtime. Oh well its recognising the trigger which is a good thing! To be honest its not nightime I mostly eat its when Im watching tv or a movie, daytime or nightime, morning really isnt a problem, im guessing I just keep putting more food into my mouth as im being distracted by the telly!

Adam is dead on there, when people drink they just turn carniverous (well I do!), I eat things when im drunk I would turn my nose up at the next day lol!
Very true i had a kebab other week after like 10 pints and its like yuck when yo think about it

This is why my focus point is on my drinking, doing this has allowed me to look at what my problem areas are and try tackle them head on


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Night is usually my trigger point when eating, as my husband is a terrible picker and eats nuts, and all sorts of things about an hour after dinner!

But, since been on LT I have sat down to come on here around 10-11pm. From the minute I get home from work, I cook for my husband, go into my allotment (when the weather allows..mmm), or I have been harvesting and cooking for the whole of my village I think! I have baked and baked and baked....I know, strange..but it means I dont stop. I also do my exercises...so, my way of helping with the munchies in the evening is to keep 100% occupied...before I know it my eyes are heavy and I need to go to bed!

It works for me for some odd reason!!!!

But, I know when I was eating, someone said to me that quite often people find it ok during the day because you have your breakfast, and know lunch is coming soon, so look forward to that, then dinner is coming soon after lunch...after dinner...well, we kinda know we shouldnt really eat again, and that is when the thoughts start to enter about food, and nibbling!! I could relate to that when someone said it to me.....


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Evenings and weekends are definately the hardest. I keep busy with puzzles and being on here helps

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