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night on the town


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Hi all

Well i had a night out last night in Town, and my god it was sooo hard not to drink, i must admit i were tempted when i saw peeps with pints of cider in their hands, my mouth was watering, but somehow i managed to refrain ( knowing the dangers etc..)

I must admit that i do feel quite proud of myself this morning, but boy it were soo funnny at the end of the night watching people that were off their faces, infact that was the most funniest thing of the night. And oh, it was the cheapest night out that i have ever had in my life! And am HANGOVER FREE!!!!
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well done !!! ive stayed in since ive been on this as i know drunk people can sometimes annoy me. but im due to go out for my best friends birthday beginning of May and i cant wait as i can leave the club and the queue for taxis is always massive and i can just get in my car and drive home :eek:) there are some perks also the saving money bit is a huuuge bonus. Well done you!!! you should be really proud
Well done you! That is something I definitely couldn't do myself so, hats off to you!! You must have some resolve to have got through the night. And, as you said, to not have a hangover the next morning... thats just the icing on the cake! Giving up wine was the hardest thing I found on LT - I was so used to having a glass in the evening to unwind when the kids went to bed. Have kept a bottle of white in the fridge from the day I started to test my resolve. I think you get used to it though as, for the past few days, I haven't even thought about it. Julia x


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Thanks Lisa and Missy,

You will be fine in May, like you say you can leave whenever you like if your not enjoying it!

I have a Blackpool weekend coming up in May for my sisters birthday, i think that will be the real tester for me, just hope i have as much will power as last night!


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Hi Julia,

That is some will power, but in a way its a good thing, i think to reflect sometimes as to why i started the diet keeps me going.
Am usually ok with drink, but going out was very hard, as i have never been out to Town and not drunk!

I wouldnt say that i am rich, i have to watch my spending etc, and so i just think that if i break the diet then what a waste of money, time and effort.
Wine =Good on ya, keep it up.
I know its nice to have a drink and unwind, but it will be well worth it in the end x
Well done Kate x Bet it was a right laugh watching everyone :D We should start calling this this site AA :D:D:D


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Lol well done hun and glad you had a good night, great feeling having no hangover xxx
Well done Kate - I have to go to a party next Saturday...my best friends daughter is going working away in Namibia for 3 months, so it's a farewell bash......I'll be the one with the iced water !!!
Briiliant job, well done its sooooooo hard isnt it!
Its made me think what a loud mouth tosser I must have been lol a lovable one though xx

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