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Night Out Advice... Naughty I Know

What does everyone think of this plan?

I'm only on day 3 just now and on the 29th March I have a weekend away planned. (just one night)

This is only the 2nd time in 4 years we have managed to get away without the kids and I have been looking forward to it for ages. I actually forgot all about it when I decided to start on CD!

The plan is drinks, meal, concert and then more drinks.. We're going out with another couple.

I've more or less made up my mind to have a few drinks and my meal but am a bit worried about getting myself out of ketosis for it... Should I do it the day before or just on the morning I am going away?

I was thinking about maybe having some chicken and potatoes the night before and then some toast on the morning of going away.. Would that be ok??
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I dont think im the best person to answer this because i had a day off today and regret it terribly...but im sure someone else will be able to advise you more!!
If it were me NOW id say no no no dont do it!
This morning- it'd be have a day off!
Have a lovely time whatever you decide chick!
Sorry i cant help xxx


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hmmm.... on my birthday last week I had just 1 pack mid day, and a quite large chicken salad for tea. and still lost 7lbs that week. I didn't drink alchohol, just diet coke.

i think if you're definately going to cheat, stick to low carbs so at least you don't come out of ketosis.

hope that helps? :)
I had a weekend off recently and ate/drank everything I wanted to. I knew I would put on weight, but it was worth it ;).

I would warn you though, beware of alcohol. I only had three drinks the first night and was fine, but the second night I drank quite a bit of wine before dinner and got absolutely plastered very quickly :eek:. I obviously can't take it like I used to.

If you are staying low-carb, then Vodka or Bacardi and Coke Zero are what my CDC suggested.


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I think there's a sticky on why it's dangerous to drink alcohol whilst in ketosis...


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please be very sure u are completely OUT of ketosis before drinking alcohol.
there is a sticky giving information about the reasons why, but basically, it is dangerous.
ur body reacts badly to the alcohol and gives the same effects of a diabetic not taking their insulin. dont mess with it, its just not worth it.
i know someone who took the gamble a few weeks ago and was incredibly poorly and scared after just a few glasses of wine. she said she honestly thought she was going to die. she wasnt drunk, she was very sick, dizzy, disorientated and weak. had she drunk more the results could have been serious.
i would eat the day before and make sure u have at least one carb meal (potato, rice or pasta) preferably with some bread.
have a fun fun time but dont take any risks.
I ate loads the day before and during the second day.
I had a night off on Friday. I went to Wagamama & to the cinema I had 4 dumplings & a chicken chili ramen (oh ate half my noodles though cos I was full). To drink I had a coke zero (I normally only drink water & like the others have said: READ THE POST ON THE DANGERS OF ALCOHOL WHILST IN KETOSIS - The thought getting pissed v.fast was appealing ;) but the thought of all the extra carbs in drink when I have worked so hard to lose weight put me off!!).
However when we got to the pictures the thought of carbs etc went out of my head & I had 8-10 pick & mix sweets. I have to say that don't really regret my evening off, my desire to be slim is unwavering at the moment & I am in it for the long haul which means changing my habits to those of moderation.
What is a pain is that it has made ssing this weekend harder. I think I've dropped out of ketosis & I'm more hungry than normal, however I was prepared for this so I've kept busy this weekend & hopefully I be back in ketosis by Mon/Tue I don't believe I have gained any weight but I would guess I wont have lost much either luckily my cdc is away so I don't get weighed until a week on Thursday & hopefully nearly a fortnights worth of saintlyness will overcome 1 evening of debauchery. Sorry to ramble but am doing so in the hope that my experience helps with your decision.:D

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