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Night out and holiday.... help!!!

Hi everyone,

I need some advice, I have a couple of nights out planned in the next few weeks and i am currently SS'ing. i have to have a drink while im out, but i know i shouldnt when im in ketosis. Do you think i should eat something before i go out with carbs in it to absorb the alcohol so i dont keel over? what should i drink? i know wine and beer is a probable no no! Is anybody else finding it difficult not drinking? My social life has come to a stand-still and im dying to go out and be with people :break_diet:

Then i have a holiday planned to USA in 5 weeks and i obviously cant SS there, im afraid i will pile the weight back on, although i will be walking miles and miles on the holiday so hopefully that will eliminate the affects of the pancakes :eek:

and the last moan, im starting to become disheartened as my weight loss has slowed right down.... I look at peoples tickers and weekly weight loss with amazement ... :cry:

thanks peeps xx
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I can deafiantely reassure you with the america thing (I'm assuming you're disney worlding?). I went to Florida for 2 weeks in may and stuffed myself stupid the entire time (24oz fillet steakes and a giant bag of cheetos a day washed down with bottle after bottle of beer! yummy, I love being on holiday!:D) and I only gained 5lbs which I had lost plus and extra 1lb on my first week back.
Hun go on holiday and have a great time, worry about the weight after you get back!;)
Also I only lose 2lbs a week on average so I really wouldn't worry about the slowing down providing the weight is going in the right direction!
thanks hun, thats reassuring about the mere 5lb holiday gain. Im going to New York this year, (disney world next year), but its a shopping holiday and we walk practically every block in manhattan lol.

well done on your weight loss, i guess im just so impatient that i moan about stupid things, im 2 stone lighter for gods sake! i mean what diet would give results that quick!

thanks again x

I also have a night planned out and a week hols in spain planned, What im going to do on the night out is Eat a grilled chicken salad and drink single vodkas and diet cokes followed by a few glasses of water in between.

MY hols to Spain im going to try to not eat carbs and keep the beer to a minimun, and worry about the weight gain when i get back.
Hope this helps?
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