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Night out coming up - should I come off TFR100%?

Hey Slimmers,

I was hoping someone might be able to help me... I'm on TFR at the mo but I have a night out coming up on the 26th - and I defo want to drink for it. Should I start re-feeding this Saturday 19th? Will I be ok to drink by the 25th? Or can I just break it for the weekend? Help!
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Bitsy, do you mean a couple of glasses of wine or getting totally pissed? I managed to have a high protein meal and a glass of wine without coming out of ketosis on two consecutive nights on a weekend away.....but if you really are going to go for it I would suggest getting those carbs back in your body! So do refeed properly......

You said on the other forum that you have lots of things planned, all involving drinking?:D be careful, after LT you'll be a cheap date!
Hi Sandra,

Thanks a mill for the advice - you're right - I'll refeed. Its a big night out and a glass or two of wine might well turn into a bottle... plus I have quite a few gigs and functions on in March so I'm better off refeeding & enjoying them & taking it really easy on the cals & up my exercise.

& yup - I'm gonna be really careful to take it easy on the booze. I'll miss TFR tho - I love the control!!!!! I bake cakes for a living (in my frilly apron as I type) & I'm finding it fine on TFR - I thought it'd be impossible.... Defo hope to do another few weeks in April.

Sandra do you know if its ok to use the TFR shakes during maintenance or do you have to use the maintenance ones?

Thanks again :-D
Better to be safe than sorry.......drink enough and maybe you won't want to eat! You'll be more than ready to party after doing LT!

I never used any of the maintenance products, just carried on with normal shakes.

Well done on managing to diet and bake cakes!

Have fun:D
Not trying to lead you astray but vodka has no carbs !!!!

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