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Night out tomorrow...advice please!!

Hey everyone,


I have a night out tomorrow which I have known about since starting the diet. Its a paid for meal with work and its mainly for me so I have to go. I am fine with eating as I know that I will be ok with that but its the drinking that is really worring me. I am prepared to have a few glasses of wine but Im just worried that Im going to be drinking for the 1st time since being on the diet and that is going to start before. I really didn't want to eat anything up till this meal but do you think it will be safer to have a meal tonight to prepare me for drinking or should i eat a dinner tomorrow or should i be ok to just have this one meal and drink??

Hope that isn't too confusing....

Thank you fellow Lipotrimmers!!xxxxx
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If sticking to the rules I would say you need to eat a meal tonight and have breakfast and lunch tomorrow building in the carve like a mini refeed as you shouldn't drink while in ketosis!! But me being naughty and not sticking to the rules I have had a night out with food and drink without any sort of refeed and I was fine!! Just had to start over the next day and take a week to get back to where I was before the nigh out!! Prob gonna get blasted for feeding up but hats how it is :) you know your body it's your choice :)
I'm sure you've read the stuff about not drinking while in ketosis, so, even if it might be OK, if you don't want to spoil your night by being ill, I reckon eating today would be a better idea! I drank while I was in ketosis & not only was I legless after two drinks, but, really sick & felt awful for days.

Good luck!

Yeah, i opted for a meal in the end. Had a chicken and green salad. Just dont wanna be ill from drinking. Cant stand the thought of going through the first few days again but i knew this was coming so have to deal with it i suppose! God, im sooo ill from normal hangovers so god knows what this is gonna do to me!! Good job im off on Wednesday!! Thank you girlies. Much appreciated xxxx


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Good luck and do come back to let us know how you got on!

Lisa x

irish molly

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Enjoy your night out. Try and limit the damage you do by eating sensibly and having very little to drink. You don't want to undo all your good work!!!


Just keep swimming ...
Just be aware that the drink will affect you a lot quicker than normal. Pre LT I regualry drank 4 or 5 doubles on a Wednesday night without any adverse effects (apart from the weight gain of course). Last week I had one, and boy did I know it. I actually considered phoning in sick I felt that bad on the thursday morning.
So take it easy, and then get straight back on the LT the next day.
Good luck.

Thanks everyone. Feeling like i wanna cancel today to be honest. I just wanna get my diet done and dusted without all this. Feeling pretty **** today and even tho it was a planned eat last night, I am annoyed that i had to do it!

I wish i had a wand that could wish me into to tomorrow without having to do this tonight!!! God im so annoyed.....xxxx


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Rhian, please come back and update us on how it went. I started another thread a while ago about a 'planned blip' and got quite a few differences of opinions. My night out is coming this Friday and so I am going to eat tomorrow night and then have something on Friday daytime.

I completely understand where you were coming from about wishing it wasn't happening. My thoughts have switched from having a nice meal out and thinking if I am going to eat I may as well enjoy it to now thinking I just want to have something that will do the job and I don't need to enjoy the food at all - the meals just need to serve a purpose, kick me out of ketosis so I can join in on the night out.

Lisa x
The night out...

Hey Lisa,

Well this night in particular didn't happen! I ended up cancelling....to be honest I really wish I hadn't of. The reason I cancelled this one was because I had another one that was pre-planned b4 the diet and that was last Saturday. It was my best mate birthday and we had booked an appartment in town and coz she is like my left arm, I was defo not gonna cancel that one!

The Friday night I ate but I had nothing in the house so I got a chicken on pitta from the pizza place. Ate everything but the pitta bread (it was fab!!!) On the Saturday I was workin till 6pm so was rushing so much that i ended up getting a sausage from the chippy on my way to town instead of eating summat proper!! (again, fab!!)

The night out was brilliant and i dont regret it one bit! I got back on the diet no problem and i am due to get weighed tomorrow and i do think i have still lost. I did get drunk quicker which just meant a cheaper night!! I really think if your heart is in this diet then not much can make you come off it. If you have a 'planned blip' then you should be fine but if you just give in and eat then its getting the willpower back to get back on it. Your losses have been fantastic Lisa, and i really think that your night out will do you more good than harm. You know your doing it, and if your head is into it, then like me, you know that you WILL be back on TFR the next day. The one thing i will say tho is watch what kind of drinks you drink coz i got cronic stomach ache from having Red Bull!! Just steer clear of anything too sugery!

Hope you have a fab night out Lisa and ENJOY IT!!xxx


No longer a redhead though!
Only just found this thread Rhian, and you now know how it all went. Was good thinking about the sugary drinks too though. I usually drink vodka and coke, but switched to vodka and soda water!

It's funny, just lately when I've been out socialising i've been ordering soda water in the bars and it gets embarrassing when they make 'no charge!' I'd rather they charge me 50p to be honest.

Still, am a right cheap date for the fellas right now!

Lisa x

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