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Night out worries

Hi all, out tomoz with work (usually a fairly drunken evening)
My problem is that I want to drink but also want to stay on the diet. I've read that there are some dangers in doing this so what to do?
Really can't face restarting after such a short time but seems a waste of a night without a drink !
Ideas welcome......

Ps I'll check with a dr this morning about the dangers and update
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Hey I went out last week I had one double vodka with soda (as soda mess stay in ketosis) - felt sick n didn't wanna drink more n came home very early! I think you just have to accept we can't have our usual nights out while on this plan but it is only until we are finished and it is worth it. What day are you on? I was on about day 16 when I went out last week and if definitely would have thrown me of track If I had drank more! X


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I had a couple of vodka and slimline tonics on about week 6 when I met up with a couple of friends. I left before the meal as I didn't want to come out of ketosis or break the diet and knew that if I stayed longer I would have done both. I felt ok and could maybe have had 1 more but I couldn't have had as many as I usually would have. Lara's right, I think we have to accept that we can't do things in quite the same way as we did before when on this diet.

The other thing that alcohol does to me is weaken my resolve. When I was playing around with 'cutting down' type diets I could be good all day until I had a glass of wine in the evening. Once I had that glass my resolve went completely out of the window and I would have another glass or 3 and then eat 'bad' things that I had avoided all day. So there is no saying that you'd be able to avoid eating anyway if you did drink. Suze just played out that exact scenario when she went out with good intentions of only having a couple of drinks, had a lot more than planned and then ate when she got home.

So if you want to drink but remain in ketosis then perhaps have a low carb meal when you're out (but will you be able to resist the carbs after alcohol?).

As to making the decision to break the diet for the sake of one night I would send some caution around that as getting back on track is much more difficult than starting this diet in the first place. When we start the motivation is very high that makes it (relatively) easy to get into ketosis and we don't miss food so much initially as we get used to none being allowed. However, a restart is more difficult because we're not as pumped up as when we start, and our heads have been reprogrammed to say that we can still have food if we like (well mine has). So the decision is yours but don't take the decision to come out of ketosis lightly. I took the decision to come out for a week when I was on holiday (and have got back on track but it wasn't easy) and I'm making the decision to come out again for my office Xmas party. Would I come out for a 'normal' night out - don't think so, and I have declined some evenings out on that basis, but only you can decide.

Be interesting to hear what the Dr says.
I can stick to having a low carb meal and vodka + slimline tonics, I was more worried about the glycogen deficit. I'm sure that if I am allowed to drink ( and I will be good and take it slowly, with water in-between) that I will not eat rubbish - I have food issues so don't eat out much anyhow x will check glycogen stuff shortly - waiting for fave dr to return to ward
I also read that but when I researched further all the science seems to say that your body will just use the energy from the alcohol (rather than fat burning) but once all the energy from alcohol is used up you go back to using fat for energy. I haven't verified the info on that link which I also saw on Cambridge site, anywhere else but from Cambridge diet themselves.

Just my understanding and research (research meaning googling alcohol and ketosis lol)

Geez just read that article scary stuff! So yeah i had 9 vodkas n diet coke n was a bit,typsey but not wrecked, felt fine but v hungry! Had spag bol mushrooms n yellow pepper to bulk it just b4 going out. N was fine till i got home my willpower went a bit out the window! Had 2 slices of bread,n george formaned spicey chicken breast n spicy sauce at 12am. Woke up next day and put on1.5lbs but still in ketosis, was 100% yesterday n still the same weight 2day n still in ketosis as tested twice. Think i retained water as going far more often this,morn than usual. Shall let u know 2moz weigh in. Otherwise no ill effects prior to this was on it for 16 days only. But hey thats just me everyone is different! I still want a social life, i may be fat but i enjoy going out! N yeah would,prob,do it again but ditch the bread lol


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That's interesting, but Atkins allows a little alcohol so it doesn't quite fit with that. I suppose what it's really saying is not to expect to be able to drink anywhere near as much as you did previously as your body will not be able to take it. I think I'd be fine with having a couple of drinks when in ketosis but I don't think I'd push it too much more than that. And this is from someone who was quite a big drinker previously who didn't think twice about downing a whole bottle of wine without so much as a second thought quite regularly.

I reckon my lifestyle is much healthier now that it was pre diet, in part due to cutting the alcohol right out (I was certainly over the recommended weekly allowance for women). My blood pressure has dropped from being on the cusp of needing medication (about 168 / 94 on average) to normal (117 / 82 on average now). I'm sure that some of this is due to the weight loss but I'm pretty convinced that alcohol was a factor too.

Realistically I'm always going to like a drink but will try to save it as a weekend treat post diet rather than something I did during the week to unwind after work too.

So Stormy, do enjoy yourself tonight but if you drink please be careful.
I was/am a typical binge drinker, dont drink in the house n only drinks on nights out which is onlu about once a month But when out used to drink double what i did the other night, so that was me cutting down.


Feeling great in 2012!
I was/am a typical binge drinker, dont drink in the house n only drinks on nights out which is onlu about once a month But when out used to drink double what i did the other night, so that was me cutting down.
That was me when I was in my 20s :) but I was much slimmer then (like 8.5 stone) as I used to go out after work and drink A LOT of vodka but I didn't seem to eat much so never put on the weight (packet of crisps in the pub in the evening if I was lucky). Then I stopped doing that but would open a bottle of wine when I got home after work on a very regular basis and it's gone on from there. But nowadays I will drink AND eat and piled on the weight as a result, plus wine is higher in calories than vodka which was my staple when I was younger. Alcohol always gives me the munchies and I look round for things to snack on.
I've always been a social drinker (rather than a single drinker I suppose), but the calories in alcohol have never been a problem as I've always been an alcohol lightweight - even at a heavier weight hehe :) I don't actively get the munchies after drinking either BUT if my friends are ordering in pizza, chinese etc... I'm unlikely to refuse the food either!

Does that make me a peer pressure eater? ;)


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Spoke to dr, he said I need to eat carbs at least 48hrs before drinking or risk an a+e admission for hypoglycaemic coma ! Bugger !!!!

He then went on to say that the diet is unhealthy and I should have at least 1200 calories a day !!

If Im planning on drinking I find so long as I have carbs early on in the day that works, kicks me out ketosis and Im fine, I also find if I AM out of ketosis for a night out I get back in it really really quickly.

There are a lot of horror stories on Minimins peoples first hand experiences of drinking in ketosis, a lot of people have posted about collapsing, blacking out, even ending up in hosp. Personally I just wouldnt risk it


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That's interesting Starlight about getting back into ketosis quickly. I'm having my work Xmas do on 9th Dec and I was planning on eating something at lunchtime to take myself out of ketosis (I want to avoid bread so maybe a pasta salad and some fruit will do it?). I was going to have the weekend off and get back on track on 12th when I return to work but maybe it'll be better if I try to get back on track the following morning from what you've said.

Stormy, maybe you can be our Slim and Save guinea pig? :D although you've probably left it a bit late to take yourself out of ketosis. I wouldn't worry about the comment about the diet being unhealthy to be honest. Surely it's no less unhealthy that being substantially overweight? And if my blood pressure is anything to go by I'm more healthy now than I was pre diet. And don't some hospitals / GPs offer Lipotrim to their patients? They certainly did when I was following Lipotrim in 2005.
Hi, I think I'm doing the right thing trying this diet, although I trust the dr (he is one of the smartest fellas ive ever met) so he probably has a point. So I'm high carbing tonight as he said I need to produce some cholesterol overnight, then will high carb tomorrow - drink and restart Saturday morning ! Weird cos drank on Atkins but there you go


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Oh it's tomorrow that you have your drink - I though it was tonight. Plenty of time for you to carb up then, and to let us know how you get on getting back in ketosis!

Enjoy the carbs! :)
Well I carb'ed out and had plenty to drink.... And lost 1.2lbs weird or what? Back on programme this morning not in ketosis yet


Feeling great in 2012!
Sounds like you had a good time and weird re the weight loss. You might even find it confuses the hell out of your metabolism and you have a good loss this week. Let us know how difficult it is to get back into ketosis and how long it takes you. Need a plan of action for my Xmas night out :).

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