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Night shifts....

Im on day 4 today and im working just 1 night shift tonight. Ill probably sleep until about 2 tomorrow afternoon, Ive had 2 shakes today so far and will have my third at about 11pm tonight. Im just wondering should i have another shake during the night?
Anyone else work nights and have any advice??
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thank you slinky... ill keep my eye open for her:)


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Hiya! I work permanent nights - 3 a week. I have my 3 shakes as usual the day I start. I have the next days 'lunch' shake (or in my case flapjack) in the middle of the night. When I get home I have my 'breakfast' one, go to bed and have my 3rd in between getting up and going to work again. Or - on the last day, in between getting up and going back to bed! Simples **squeak** :):)

Thanks Jan,
That makes sense:)
im only doing 1 night but i guess it still makes sense to have one of tomorrows shakes over night... i dont think i would make it through if not! I must get myself some of these bars! I was out shopping today so missed my usual shake time and i did start to feel a bit hungry, would have been perfect to have to have a bar in my bag!


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Yes they're ideal for that. Some people can't stand them but I find them palatable enough. They're much more convenient at work. Although I now have all my shakes as mousses so they're easy enough to do as well really.

You couldn't get through a night with nothing - that'd be daft. You could even split the shake into 2 really so you could have it twice if you wanted to That is split the powder, you can't split it once you've made it coz of the 15 min rule!

Hope you have a good night. x
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Thanks Jan, thats a great idea too, ill do that:)


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I just moved everything 4 hours forward when I was on TFR, normal days I would have shakes at 9am, 4-5pm and 8-9pm, when working nights I would have my first one at 1pm, 2nd at 7pm and my last one at midnight and I felt fine. I didnt want to start eating/drinking during the night as I only do 2 nights, that way I could more or less go back to normal on my days off.

Good luck and I also filled up on coffee and extra water too.
Thanks Kered. I just got home, survived the night. I had a shake at about 11pm then another at 5am this morning so now im going to go to my bed til about 2 or 3 ish and will have my other two during the evening. Would probably do it differently if i were on more than 1 night but ill cross that bridge when i come to it.
Thanks for everyones advice:)
I really feel for all of you guys who are working night-shifts. Best of luck on LT, hope you manage all your shakes and water o.k.
Thanks Supaslimma :)
Today is the first day i have had a headache... wonder if my body is a little bit confused and worried ive stopped its water supply lol. Trying to catch up now by drinking lots but i suppose since i drank through the night i should be ok... Time for some Paracetamol me thinks:)
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