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Nightmares about eating

Hi everyone,

Almost every night since I started LT I have been having various nightmares about accidentally eating. The dream varies quite a bit in how I am actually exposed to food. It can be that I am preparing food for someone else and pop a bit in my mouth out of habit. Last night it was pulling off bits of an angel food cake (I don't even like that kind!) that I was picking up for a party. That was definitely influenced by having attended a party for my boss on Sat and resisting all the great smelling food there.

I am SOOOOOO serious about getting healthy and feeling good about the way I look, so I suppose this is my brain's way of warning me to be careful of the situations I put myself in? I was just curious if anyone else has these types of dreams too?

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lol i get food dreams too - i feell really guilty just as i wake up too!! I think its a brilliant way of knowing how u would feel if you did cheat - so it stops you from doing it!!


on the up lol
i use to get them but not no more, i think by now i have trained my brain :)
even more so lol after yesterday at a bbq, i kicked my OH sis out kitchen and did rest of cooking and stuff (and never touched sod all wasnt even tempted) the dreams should pass they did for me ;)


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I think thats fairly normal starting out on the LT journey but as time goes on and you become more used to the diet the dreams will ease off. I found that my thinking has changed throughout my journey: at the start I was obsessed with not cheating and with how much I was losing each week but as time went on I started focusing on nutrition and strategies for after my LT journey. (At the moment I am focusing on how to continue my journey in the face of opposition from my family who think I have lost enough weight).
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Dream cheating - soooo scary but a big relief when you realise it was only a dream!! I had several when I first started and thought I was over them now but freakily I dream cheated last night! I had a packet of cheese and onion crisps and I was sucking all the flavour off and spitting out the crisp. My son was trying to stop me - unsuccessfully!!!

As long as I only dream cheat I am fine!



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I do, every night :(


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I had a dream of eating chocolate, and drinking whiskey!

roast dinners are a fav dream of mine ;) enjoy them! just dont do it in real life!!

it is scary though, espec when in your dream you are driving after several whiskeys and are falling asleep at the wheel!!

How can you dream of falling asleep, thats what i want to know??? ;)
Wow! It's really common. Strangely, I'm not really dreaming about the foods I miss most. I'm dreaming about things I rarely or never eat, so it's a double disappointment, because the cheating isn't even "worth it". LOL

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