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Hey guys,

So i joined Body optimised 2 weeks ago and ive been really struggling.

I work nightshift and seem to get quite bloated throughout the evening.

I find myself wanting to eat cereal and tea and toast with sugar and butter.

I am also struggling with the lack of ready made meals on the slimming world plan. As i dont have time to make anything from scratch before i go to work and im too tired in the morning.

I have bought 3 books, the food directory, low syn snacks and free branded so i am hoping they will provide me with so suggestions.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so do you have any suggestions so i dont end up eating my boyfriends chicken nuggets and such like.

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I ate my willpower!
Do you have extra time at the weekend to cook a batch of meals and freeze them?

Scan Bran cake may help your evening cravings, and you need to take fruit to snack on, which really helps with sweet cravings.
I sometimes work at the weekends too. but between my shifts i only have like a day and a half off before im back in for 3 nights again.

Its not really to be spending a whole day cooking.


I ate my willpower!
I don' think you would need to spend the whole day, just a few hrs.

You could make stews etc which take a few mins to prepare, then you just bung them in the oven and leave them for a few hrs.


A moaning old boot!!!!
Do you like macaroni cheese If you do then there are marshalls tubs of mac cheese which are 1.5syns each and I find them really tasty. All you need is a kettle (and fork to eat it with), as its just like a pot noodle thingy. I find these handy for work. There are also lots of mug shots or pasta n sauces which are free or low syns which may be good for you. Other suggestions are to take in lost of fruit with you, or even carrots. If you dont have time to prepare your carrots even then remember, supermarkets sell them ready cut too!!! (so handy!)

Also, you can still have your tea, just put in sweetener instead of sugar. And you can also still have your toast, just use it as your HE and syn your butter use. If you tried to tell yourself.............right, at 1am every day, I will have my HE of toast. Then it is also something to look forward to in a night!!!
Hopefully some of this may have been of use to you x x x

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