Nikki's diary 2014. 2 stone to lose.

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by dippychk, 24 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Joined a class last night and im pleased to see its all changed since i was on it 2 years ago. Iv got 2 stone to lose. On simple start at the min, hoping iv got it right so far.

    Todays food:
    Tuesday 24th june

    Breakie: apple, pear, banana and 2 cups of tea with skimmed milk.

    Lunch: 2 ww tortillas filled with salad and wafer thin ham.

    Dinner: lean pork steaks, baby boiled pots, veg and beans. (Used 2 tsp olive oil for veg)

    Snack: crumpets and tea

    2 jaffa cakes
    Butter on crumpets.

    Please comment and let me know if im doin it right. Ta :)
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  3. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Wednesday 25th june

    Breakie: banana, apple and pear. 2 cups of tea with skimmed milk

    Lunch: 2 ww tortillas filled with ham salad.

    Dinner: quinoa, salmon fillet and stir fry veg.

    Treats: 2 jaffa cakes
    Ww caramel cake bar.
  4. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    hiii :) here to subscribe, all looks good so far :)
  5. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Thank u :) and welcome.
  6. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Just going to write in 2moro's plan now as il prob not get a chance 2moro.

    Thursday 26th june.

    Breakie: 3 x crumpets with 2 x tsp butter (treat) pear and banana. 2 x cups of tea with skimmed milk.

    Off to a wedding 2moro so im hoping this will tide me over until the meal. I have no idea what it will be but i will try and eat sensibly. I wont be drinking as i have another wedding to go to on sat and hope to have a couple at it. Its just an evening do on sat so no meal.

    Anyway hoping il not do too much damage. Will update on friday :)
  7. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Went off the radar since thurs! Heres an update on everything since.

    Thurs: (wedding)
    Had my crumpets that morning and fruit.

    Wedding dinner:
    Melon for starter
    Turkey and ham dinner (lots of veg)
    Dessert was a butterscotch sundae, ate half.

    And had a cupcake.

    Friday 27th june:

    Breakie: crumpet and fruit. (Butter as treat) and tea.

    Went for along walk with the dog and done some gardening :)

    Dinner was 2 x ww tortillas filled with ham salad, and a side of baby boiled potatoes.

    Had 2 jaffa cakes as other treat.

    Saturday 28th june:

    Breakie: large bowl of fruit and tea.

    Lunch: chicken salad.

    Dinner: stir fry veg and salmon and quinoa.

    Went to a wedding evening party. Had 6 x vodkas with diet lemonade. Danced all night :)

    Have my first weigh in 2moro (monday) hoping i havnt gained. Even if i havnt lost (not expectin much with the weddings) but at least its a start and i can now be fully committed from today onwards :)
  8. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Nikki! Good luck with your first weigh in! You have very good position - you do not wait for fast results and great weight loss. Perfect start;-) I wish you good luck and i am sure you will aceive all of your goals!
  9. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Just back from my first weigh in. Had 2lb off :) im so pleased as i didnt think id lose anything cuz of the 2 weddings.
    Still doing filling and healthy but having 49 pp per week now.

    Todays food:
    Monday 30th june (new week)

    Brunch: scrambled eggs, bacon, 2 x slices of nimble toast, beans and a cup of tea with skimmed milk. Pear.

    Dinner: 2 ww tortillas filled with pork, peppers and onions. Some baby boiled potatoes on the side.
  10. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Tuesday 1st july

    Brunch: 3 nimble toast with wafer thin ham. 1pp for butter. 2 x tea with skimmed milk.

    Dinner: baked sweet potato, large salad and garlic chicken. Ww smoked chilli sauce. 1pp.

    Had french toast for supper too :)

    Forgot to say im now onto filling and healthy with 49pp per week.

    So far iv used 3/49 pp

    Im goin for a meal on sat night for my best friends birthday, so im goin to try and save my pp to cover that.
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  11. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Wednesday 2nd july (cant believe im writing july already)

    Brunch: 2 x ww tortillas filled with ham salad. Pear and tea x 2

    Dinner: quinoa, haddock and veg.

    If stil hungry later il av scrambled egg and toast.

    Have a job interview today :-/ nervous!!
  12. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

    Hey. Found you. Subscribing. :)

    Well done on loss. Great after 2 weddings! You're doing great at f&h.

    Good luck with job interview. Whats it for? X

    Sent from my GT-I9505 using mobile app
  13. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Thank u :) i was shocked that i lost anything at all!

    Just office work, i was made redundant in Jan and havnt been able to find work since so hoping this might be the one :)
  14. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Found you. Here to subscribe. Well done on your loss and good luck with interview. I'm currently out of work too. X

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  15. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Thank u :) it sucks doesnt it. Really hoping this will be a success today. Been a hard few months. :(
  16. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Mines been nearly a year getting interviews but no job yet. Trying to widen my search but you gotta be qualified to do anything these days. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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  17. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Aw thats awful! Its harder and harder now to get anything, so many people applyin as well! Hope u find something soon :) thats me back, didnt go too bad. Find out on friday so fingers crossed xx
  18. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Yeah it's hard but I get through it tough at times and glad it went ok my fingers are crossed for you xx

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  19. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Really craving something sweet this evening! Trying to save my pp for meal out on sat night. Wat to do wat to do hmmm. Might have some pineapple and hope that does the trick.
  20. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Maybe have a low pp one xx

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  21. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Had some pineapple, a ww caramel bar 2pp and some toast with scrambled eggs 1pp butter.

    7/49 pp

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