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Nikki's food diary


I have decided to keep a food diary online, aswell as the one i keep in my little book i carry around everywhere.
So starting today as yesterday went pair shaped, Have had a horrid cough and cold and have eaten what i like.

So today i have had:

B: Porridge and milk (HEA+B)golden syrup (2.5syns)
L: Homemade coleslaw (2.5 syns)
D: Rice, couscous, mexican beans
S: Mullerlight
2 alpen choc bars (HEB)

Drinks: coffee with ss milk (HEA)
orange juice (10 syns)
squash Low cal
Total syns 15
Will try plan for tomorrow.
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Looks great! Keep it up :D xxxx
Thursday food diary.

B: Allbran & ss Milk (HEA+B) & Apple
L: Rice mexican beans and couscous(last nights leftovers)
S: French fries (4.5 syns)
D: Chicken, brocolli, carrots, new pots, sweetcorn(chicken HEB)

So far soo good.
S: mullerlight yog
Highlights dark choc and milk (HEA) and 1.5 syns
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Fridays food diary

B: 2 wholemeal toast and beans (HEB)
S: S/F jelly(1/4 syn)
S: Boots shapers bar 4.5 syns
L: veg quiche, beetroot, tomatoes
S: S/F jelly (1/4 syn) + mullerlight
S: Boots shapers bar 4 syns
D: Rice + Stagg veg chilli (half a tin) 1.5 syns
S: Choccie things (like ferreo rocher)1 syn each x 8 (4 syns and 1 HEB)
S: Fruit salad.
Total 18.5 syns, a bit over but not too worried. I should have checked syn value of chilli as i thought it was free.
Decided that i could count th ryvitas i used to make choccie things as HEB so have taken off 4 syns and now only had:
Total 14.5 syns
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Saturday 27th sept

B: Alpen light bar (1/2HEB)
L: 2 Eggs, Bacon (HEB), beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, 1 slice white fresh bread(4 syns)
S: Grapes
D: Jacket potato, homemade coleslaw, Cheese (HEA), Beans/veg chilli (1.5syns)

Drinks: Coffee (HEA milk)
Total syns so far : 5.5

kitkat dark 2 finger 5 .5 syns

total 11 syns
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Sunday 28th sept

B: alpen light bar (1/2 HEB) 2 shape lasting satisfaction yoghurts
S: 2 x jaffa cakes (5 syns)
L: Tuna, homemade coleslaw, Beetroot
S: Fruit and nut choc (roughly 9.5 syns)
D: Chicken topped with bacon, Steamed new Potatoes (HEB), brocolli, carrots, cabbage, Cauliflower.
S: S/F jelly (0.5 syns)

Total 15 syns

Coffee with (HEA) ss milk
Pepsi max

Was having a good day, until O/H opened the large fruit and nut bar he had in fridge......oooo how i love fruit and nut!!!!!

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