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Nikkis Lipotrim Diary. March 2011

Day 1.

Woke up eager to begin my weighloss journey. Made my first shake at 8.45 and found it surprisingly ok, made it from 250mls of water from a 1.5lt bottle which i then took to work with me and finished around 10.30 am. I continued to drink up to my 2nd litre for 1 o clock and then went home for lunch instead of off to the regular sandwich bar with the girls from work.

When I got home I realised I wasnt quite hungry enough for a full shake so just made up a half one. Went down as easily as the first one and I returned to work proud and carrying yet another bottle of water.

Finished the rest of that shake at 5.45 and had a glass of ice cold water to wash it down. Have a hopping headache all day which the ice water seems to be helping with and I dont feel hungry really, more feel like i should be hungry which is making me want food, a sure sign that I wasnt eating for the right reasons. Will have my last shake around 9.30 to fill my belly up before I head off to bed. Its going to be an early night for me.

Glad i managed to do so well today, am hoping that i can keep the motivation going and start getting all these pounds off. This forum is my best online find in a long long time! :)
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Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Well done nikki you had a goid day! Lets hope tomozzy is the same for ya xxx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi Nikki, im going really well aside from having a yukky sore throat and feeling crappy but diet wise finding it a breeze. I enjoy all my shakes andeven like the flapjacks :) im setting my mind on my goal and have decided to stick to TFR in april as ive got my sisters 40th birthday, lots of parties, hubby's birthday and my birthday as well as easter and so on and on. I was going to do a refeed so i could join in but to be honest im just gonna be 100% until i get to goal. No stopping me now woohoo xxxx
Aw sorry to hear your not well, I used to suffer really bad with my throat but had my tonsils out at 21! Woah was it sore, have you taken anything for it? Gargling salt water helps, just remember not to swallow! With all those coming up I'd be inclined to stick to my guns and not come off it either! I'm gonna miss my easter eggs this year but OH says he'll buy me a new pair of shoes instead! :)

Finding the diet quite good, the shakes are fine and i've not been starving like i thought i'd be. Didnt chance the flapjacks as I dont even like the normal ones, I'm happy out to be doing so well, never thought I'd last this long even :D
Day 2.

Day two started very much like day one. A shake before work at 9 followed by copious amounts of water during the morning before a half portion at lunch time.

Was doing great all day until maybe 3.00 when the freshly made up rolls came for the after school club, felt like gobbling the whole 30 of them up between the scent of fresh bread and the memory of how good they taste but somehow managed to resist the temptation to have "even a bite". This not eating what my mind wanted sent me into headache mode making it even harder to resist but somehow i did it. Left work feeling very very proud of myself indeed. Sipping on my water and smiling away to myself.

Had another half shake at 6.00 and more water, I've drank over 3litres today and still have another shake to take so will prob hit the 4lt mark! Day 2 nearly down and going strong. Headache is the only side effect so far, and not hungry at all. Craving foods, weird things like burgers and mash, which i never ever eat! Not sure if Im in ketosis yet, must see if my pharmacy has the ketostix.

Is it any harm splitting the shake into two?

Nikki xxx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
You done well today Nikki! Fresh bread is always so hard to ignore so a BIG pat on the back for ya! It will get easier, promise:) i went to my childminder friends for lunch today and just sat there with my flapjack and copious amounts of water while they tucked into fresh ham rolls, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, strawberries and grapes etc etc it all was very healthy and smelt so good. 3 hours i just sat sipping water while they all continously nibbled and i felt fine it was no problem at all! I fact because they were shocked to see how different i looked from when we met up last month it has given me another big push in the right directiob! You can do it to soon it will become second nature :)
Oh wow all that stuff sounds so nice, u did smashing to avoid it! Its crazy really, I have the sweetest tooth normally and I'm not craving choc at all so far, just wanting healthy things its really funny. Thats so great that they all see a change in you already, do they know you're doing Lipotrim? I havent told anyone cept the OH and one of my sisters, the people at work would think I'm barking mad and my friends would be waiting for me to fall off the wagon or prattling on about regaining the weight afterwards, my mother is constantly on my back about losing the weight so i know if she hears im doing this it'll become all about her and turn into her having put me on the right track, gonna do this by me for me (with the help of my new cyber diet buddies of course!) Cant believe day 2 is down, think i might try the soup tomorrow, is it brothish or thick?
Thanks doll, tomorrows a busy day at work before the wkend, have arranged to meet my friend about wedding invites at lunch time so that'll keep me on the straight and narrow when all the ladies head for the cafe for the usual Friday dinner at lunch time and schools out at 3.25 so by the time I get home it'll be another shake and then criminal minds episodes to keep me distracted. I find that having a plan for my days really helps the time to pass quicker. Do ye know is there a cut off time for your last shake? Just having mine now....is it too close to bed time?
I have half for breakfast , half about 2... One about 5/6 then try to have last one about 9 or later to help me sleep.. Don't think it matters as long as works for you x
Cool Sigourney thanks, ya the way I'm splitting them works for me right now, although i dont really feel hungry for the last one, i think I gonna stick with it this way! Took a sneaky hop up on the scales -6 lbs after 2 days, I think in in love....with Lipotrom! Sushhhhh don't tell the fiancé ;)

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Cool. 6 is fab... Massive actually... Don't get on now until last day because if you don't lose any for a bit will upset you... Best to get a full weeks weight loss... But that aside....well done ;-) x
Ya I'm gonna keep off it till Tuesday now, was so sluggish gettin up I knew it'd put me right if I was still de same or down any bit at all! Going to go for a short walk later now, don't feel bad enough to not go, thinking about swimming next wk as well! Haven't gone in years!

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Cham Pers

size 8 by July
6lbs is a LOT in a couple of days woooah! :) i have only told close friends and my mum thats it. Everyone else ive told im on a reduced calorie diet. Thats all they need to know :) stick wiv it chick its coooool! X
The thing is you lose without exercising... So it's a given really that we will lose more and tone up if we do... Also as the weight loss is drastic I think exercising helps the skin tighten as we lose... I have really enjoyed my week of lipo .... Mothers day looming have asked kids not to get me chocolate... Well just a bit to look at... But not the usual bucket full...:) x
I'm soooooooooo loving this diet, i really feel so empowered by it! Cant wait to be thin!!! :)
Im currently 14st 2lbs and I want to be between 10 and 10st 7lbs as at that weight I fit in size 10-12 and am happy as anything! Really starving tonight, am babysitting and struggling hard not to eat a pack of buttons that are here in front of me that I brought for one of the kid who's in bed! How much are you hoping to lose?

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