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Nilo's Diet - The yo-yo dieter - Attempting to stay on the wagon

Principessa N

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Hey Everyone, My names Nilo, i'm sure the oldies remember me because i've been flicking between SW and WW for months now and not getting anywhere. So today i've decided enough is enough, i'm sick of being miserable and fat. I've just been signed of work with my second nervous breakdown which is not good for a 24 year old, most of my problems are weight related and i've always struggled with it. I'm getting married in october :party0048: and even that hasn't given me motivation to diet even though i'm now dreading the day and the photos and being centre of attention. So now its time for damage control, i have 4 months to lose as much weight as i can, i've bought the move more dvd and i'm going to do it everyday, i've also got the ea sports active (which i've done once and it killed me):character00115: i'm using my time of work to get into the ww habit and make a eating plan for the week i can stick to, I'm not joining group because at the moment i can't afford it, but i'll weigh and measure at home.

Oh the other thing is, i have a wedding dress and it doesn't fit :faint2: I'm about 21stone so i have ALOT to lose and i'm a little scared
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Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya and welcome to the ww section.:)

There is a wii challenge a few of us are doing at the mo why not join in for some motivation.My legs were aching terribly first few times on the the wii active but it does get easier as you go (honest!).

Good luck with your weightloss journey have a read through some diaries that should help you get your mojo there are lots of inspirational ones,everyone is really helpful and friendly :)


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welcome to the ww section
as Fuzzy says read some of the diaries for motivation and also read some of the food plans to help you plan how to use those points

try to forget all you know about sw as the two are so different

H xx
hey Nilo :D welcome (back ;)) to the WW section! you can definitely do this - make the most of your time off work and get yourself back into the swing of dietting :)

make sure you post up your daily food plans in here too - that way we can check it over for you and make sure you're not costing / missing points off etc :) (plus it makes for great new meal ideas for the rest of us! :p)

if you want, why not join the 1st race that me, GD, chelle and bear have got going? Obviously we have a few weeks on you, but if you look at my ticker you would still have an advantage on some... :whistle: LOL! xxx

Principessa N

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Thanks for all your replies, i'd love to join your race Black widow!
I defo feel in the right frame of mind now, it's my best friends hen do today and her wedding next week and i've already planned what i can have to keep within my points, which is fairly easy as i have 30 to get through a day. To be completely honest yesterday was one of the worst day of my life and things at home are very in the air at the moment and i think the diet is giving me something to focus on, and focus is the one thing i tend to lack on diets. :D


Hi Nilo

Welcome back to the WW boards. You can do this, 4 months is plenty to loose some significant weight. You will find plenty of help on here.

Good luck


Principessa N

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Well i'm very proud of myself, i did 30 mins of my new ww move more dvd. I must say i'm very impressed with it, its the first one i've ever tried and i thought it would be too hard for me, but i managed most of it apart from the push ups, and boy did i work up a sweat. Haven't really started the diet yet but i'm getting there, The hen do yesterday was good ate far to many goodies, but the weekend will soon be over and then i'll be good.
Hi Nilo,

Welcome and good luck.

I too did SW and WW before (And CD) but a few months ago something clicked and I thought 'this is it, i'm going to do it now!' and since then I haven't looked back - so it can be done!

Well done on the exercise vid - but stick with the WII Ea sports - the first day is much harder than the second, honest! And it does get easier - I'm addicted!
Welcome back to WW and good luck!
I see you are joining the race to 1 stone so best of luck, will check in to see how you are doing :)
GD x
well done on doing your 30mins :) i havent tried the WW dvd, i do my fitness coach for wii which is really good though :)

is the bad period over? are you back on the straight and narrow now? only 4 months and 10 days to go! x

Principessa N

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Not really hun, basically i'm in alot of debt which i've been ignoring it for years, i told my other half about it because i want to get it sorted before we get married and he is obviously very upset i've kept it from him. What with that and feeling like i wanna throw myself under a bus, i feel slightly on edge, good job i wouldn't fit under a bus at the moment.
I'm starting the diet today, i've done another 30 mins of the dvd, its good actually keeps me occupied for 30 mins and all i can think about after is the pain :D Just trying to plod along, Ok i'll stop bumming everyone out now


in the zone!
Hey chick

Sorry for the late welcome but here it is WELCOME!!!:D

I was in the exact same position with the debt and being over weight and basically in a job I hated that was leading to a nervous breakdown (worked in a bank!). Thing is tho you can't fight all the battles at once. You've done the right thing by telling your OH and I know he is upset but it's better to share things than keep them bottled up. Now you can work through this together. There are loads of places to get help, and really nothing is worth making yourself ill and upset about believe me!!!!;)

As for your weight, you have the most amazing event to look forward to and you CAN do this! 4 months is a long time, I know it doesn't seem it but that's 16 WI (more if it's a 5 week month!!) so you could lose a lot of weight in that time and you will look beautiful on your big day! Not that you wouldn't look beautiful anyway :p.

This is the best forum EVER!! You will become addicted I can guarantee it and everyobody is so lovely and nice. There have been a couple of times I've thought I can't do this but it's not true and everybody on here will help you see that!

Anyway I hope you're ok and I'm glad to see you're joining our race. Going to keep my eye on you :D

Good luck chicken you can do this! We all can!! xx

Principessa N

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Thanks Bear, I've just opened 3 years of bills and done a credit report and feel a bit shell shocked, spoke to a few companies and hoping i can get an IVA in place, i feel better just having faced it now, so hopefully it'll be ok. :D I'm trying to be positive, been good today food wise which is good, going on the wii when the batteries are charged, punch away some tension, Looking forward to the race, hope my first wi is good, going to do it friday morning as i have a birthday party friday night and a wedding saturday, gonna be a good weekend

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
OMG, i finally got some decent scales, they're the ones my DR uses. It gave me the shock of my life, i'm so ashamed :badmood: I looked in the mirror and maybe for the first time seen what i actually look like, in my head (if that makes sense) i don't feel like i weigh over 300lbs. It just seems like such an uphill battle and i'm not sure i'll ever manage it.
On a slightly happier note, it is OH birthday today, he wants to go to an all you can eat chinese but i'm not sure i'm feeling up for it, he said its up to me but i don't want to ruin his day, see how i feel a bit later.


in the zone!
Listen lady you have nothing to be ashamed of! You are overweight, we all are or we wouldn't be here but you should be so so so proud of yourself for doing something about it. A lot of people don't so you really have to stop being so hard on yourself. And listen you can do this and you will get there. It won't happen overnight, it would be brilliant if it did but you will get there and we are all here to help. Have you read any of the other diaries, some of them can be a real inspiration (like mine ha ha ha) and others just pick you up when you are having a lousy day.

Honestly you can do this. I have said for years "oh well I'm fat, tried ever diet under the sun and nothing works, so might as well stay as I am" but this diet does work so stick with it!

As for the birthday, hope you have a wonderful day, try to make good choices and you can still have a good weight loss.

Good luck chicken and chin up, you've made the first step and that's ace, we all have a long journey ahead of us but the best thing is you're not alone.

Nilo I have only just read your thread and the similarities between you and myself are uncanny. I know how easy it is to bury your head in the sand about your weight and your debts. I was exactly the same and am pleased to say I am on the right track now for both. Admitting that there is a problem is the first and most important step so weel done for that. I had my IVA approved in July 2007 so if you would like any advice you are more than welcome to PM me. That was a particularly low point in my life and I am ashamed that it came to that. But I feel much better knowing that in another 3 years time our debt will be clear. You will look back soon and know you have done the right thing. It is also good that you have told you partner and hopefully he can help you through it and support you.

I wish you all the best with your weight loss. This forum is great for inspiration and advice especially when we all have our low points someone is always there with a friendly word and sometimes a kick up the ass which we all need from time to time.

Focus on your wedding, you will be beautiful no matter what size you are. You can achieve a lot in four months and hopefully your married life will be the start of something amazing and exciting for you.

Heres looking forward to the day we are both debt free and fat free.

Good Luck hun x
you can do this Nilo. Go to the chinese, enjoy yourself but just watch what you are eating - try sticking to chicken, prawn and vegetable dishes as they are usually lower in points and stay away from too many with curry or cream sauces and deep fried items like prawn toasts, kebabs, ribs etc.. try going for a bowl of soup first and then a plate of salad, its amazing how many plates less of food you will have if you make the effort to eat something like that first. :) xxx

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