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Nintendo Wii??

Does any one have a Nintendo Wii? I just got one 2day. I want in time get the wii fit and try and do a little work out while having fun and losing weight. With the Nintendo Wii came WiiSports :) I have played the tennis which is great boxing and bowling and baseball haha it been really fun and now i am sitting down my arms ache and my legs as i have been running around the livingroom (goodjob i shut the curtains :p) Has anyone else got a Nintendo Wii that could recomend any good games that will help me get that little bit fitter ;). Has anyone got a Wii Fit and are finding it is helping them lose weight? :D xxxx
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Me and my OH have a wii but we bought ours before i started cd. i think its such a laugh to play on and would love the wii fit but jus never get round to buying it lol. I've heard of people losing weight on the fit but not the wii its self, no harm in trying tho eh cos its not going to put weight on :)
I've got the wii fit and as long as you do it you'll lose weight the great thing about the wii fit is that it weighs you and does bmi, the sports one doesnt really work out all of your muscels just your arms so if you want to use it for excercise i recomend the wii fit.

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Like anything, you have to use it to get something out if it.
You can defo use the wii fit to loose weight and get a good muscle work out.
best for cardio is the jogging and hoola-hoop.
i like the yoga as well for toning and the muscle excersizes.
if you comited to 20-30 minutes a day, im sure yo would see some great results.
Aw thanks, i think i am gonna take some money out the savings and get the wii fit, it seems to be good, i have read the reviews on the internet and i aint come across one bad one. i defo want to start working out and this seems the best way to do it at first to built up my confidence and get my into the swing of things :) xxxx
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I love my wii fit! not sure the weight/BMI function is particularly accurate but it gives me a great workout and is well worth the money. It's so easy to rack up 45 mins worth of exercise team as it's so much fun you don't really feel like you're exercising (ok you get hot and sticky if you're doing it right but it's not boring or monotonous like the gym is!)

yeah i just got the wii fit yesterday and i love it its so much fun :) i enjoy it hehe!! i never thought i could look forward to working out, but i have liked it yesterday and today and i am defo going to keep it up :) xxxx


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I love the wii fit....another game that I got but didn't think I'd like that much...is samba d'amigo......it's fantastic especially if you get the maraccas to go with......it really exercises your arms, even if you look like a lunatic doing it :)
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I use the wii fit, and I probably dont use it enough to get any benefit out of it. However I find the hula hooping gives a good work out to your stomach and abs. After using it for a few evenings I could feel my stomach and abs aching a bit so it ov did something to them!


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I bought a Wii to get Wii fit. Now I hardly use it...... such a waste of money really. Only worth the money if you keep using it :)


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
Hey if you wanna sell that Wii fit I'll buy it from you!!
I can't get one anywhere!!

I'm from the Netherlands, not very convenient.. you must want it real bad to ask that without asking me stuff.

And no, thanks. :)
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They are really hard to get here since before christmas. Everyone wants them.
I am going to have to wait 12wks before I can get one.
So thats why I would have had yours!!
Hi :) I'd been trying to get one for ages...without paying the silly prices being asked! I kept checking on ebay but on newly listed, and managed to get one for £5 over rrp!! Been using it a week now and loving it!
A friend of mine got one using Wii Fit in Stock Set it so the alarm is on,on rrp only, and leave the window open all the time, looks like Tescos get them in stock very early in the morning;)


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I managed to get my Wii Fit on xmas eve ... happened to walk past HMV (why i was shopping on xmas eve is beyond me) and they had a sign outside saying "in stock"
It was manic!!!

Good luck on finding one ... defenatly worth the money it you use it.


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Wii Fits are really good if you never exercise or go to gym, but most experts only recomend it as a start to exercise, but wii fit makes it more fun and some exercise is better than no exercise at all :eek:)..But I do prefer the gym.

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