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No carbs, dairy or booze

Almost the same here, I didn't drink booze much at all anyway but I sliced my carb intake to max 60g a day, but usually eating around 20-40g. I still had dairy though, yogs and such :D I lost over 2 stone too, so I'd also recommend the low carb diet.
However! A word of warning to anyone wanting to try, you have to be strict with your carbs, because if you fall off the wagon and eat too many carbs, your body's not used to it and you feel pretty blooming awful the next day let me tell you! xx
The human body needs at least 20g carbs every day for brain and muscle function. If calories are also very restricted then the carb needs increase to around 60g per day.

Don't neglect your brain lol. Nor your muscles.

Very well done on losing weight but even on Atkins the ideal is to move up after the initial two weeks of Induction into ongoing weight loss, where healthy carbs are very gradually added week by week until you find the level you can live with and still lose weight.

All the best! x
Yes Evy very true. You can feel sluggish and bloated, and even depressed! Worse your appetite comes back with a vengeance and you feel starving... for carbs usually!

But if you get straight back on the wagon the damage is minimal.
@elizabethjohn, awful in the sense of stomach cramps and nausea. It passes after a few hours with no harm done but its definitely a nudge from your body to stop being naughty! :p
@girlygirl1, yep, I couldn't go without at least some carbies and what I've got suits me just fine. My brain and muscles should be pleased :D I agree very much with the carb vengance! But as you say, getting back on the wagon is vital x

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