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no energy what so ever today!!!

My 9month olds had me up all night with a horrendous cough and cold so ive had about an hours sleep, ive so much to do today too. this is the sort of day when i could do with a chocolate bar boost of energy!!! id say il just have to have lots of coffee but i only drink decaf lol!!!
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Wow! Sounds like you were in my house last night! My 10 month old is choking with a cold! She can't sleep with it and cranky....however she has just gone for a nap! I am exhausted ....Actually last night was the 3rd night of it. But thank God I have not much on today. In fact counting down the minutes to 7.00pm for her bath and bed and hopefully I will be in bed by 8.00pm! I am dizzy but it is just tiredness.

4 hours to go! Then sleep! But yes I have been battling with eating all day but just cos I'm tired and feeling sorry for myself!
3nights you must be feeling like a zombie!!! Im usually a up late but like you counting down the hours tonight lol xx
Awww poor you, cant you try having a nap too when your baby next sleep, try and catch up a little, could make you feel better.

Have a nice chocolate shake hun, and hopefully that will hit the spot.


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Yep I am wrecked but the poor mite...I feel so sorry for her. She cut 2 teeth, broke out in eczema head to toe and its infected and choking with a cold! I'd be like an anti-christ if it was me! She doesn't know what she wants and nothing is making her happy. But she asleep for the last half hour! Yipee! Cup of coffee in peace!
kered - hes literally only having 10 min naps, he just wakes up screaming because he cant breathe, think i may just get that choc shake though, hopefully will do the trick xx

sara - poor little thing, bless her!!! i think thats half the problem with my little one, his top 2 teeth are coming through now, wont let me get near his mouth!!! ive had it bloody easy up till now so cant complain. from day 1 hes always slept 12hours straight and never really cries so cant moan. Thank god im still on maternity and not having to go work after one of them nights though! xx


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Becca do you have sudafed or actifed medicine in UK? It says on the bottle not for under 2yrs but my GP told me I could give her 1ml of it.. I gave actifed at 2pm today for the first time and peace nearly since! She is asleep an hour now!!!!! That is the first in days. It has unblocked her nose completely. Maybe worth a try??
Aww I pity you both going through this with little babies, its hard enough with no excuses except a nagging husband lol.

Hopefully they are better soon and you both get a good nights sleep tonight.
that sounds great sara thanks, i will have a look when the shops open tomorrow, hopefully then i will a good sleep tomorrow night. Hope your little one is better soon xx
Its easier being around my little one than my other half kered, he constantly eats cakes and puddings around me - the git lol!! xx
i think i just might, he can have my big job list too for an hour lol! x

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