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No Ketosis Yet :(

First week tomorrow.. :) but im going to stick to weighing myself on a sunday morning..

we shall see what happens .. i dont feel as optamistic as i was when i started.. grrr.

thanks though you big *Star * lol xxx
im really hungry :( and i havent had any of the symptoms most people have :\ which confuses me. no headaches or really bad breath and i keep wanting chicken :s

to be honest im confused about ketosis.. am im right im thinkin that ketosis is when your blood sugar drops an your body uses fat for energy?

so if you werent in ketosis wouldnt your body be using its fat for energy?



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Ketosis is when your stores of carbs have been used up so your body burns fat.

I personally don't get the stinky breath (thank God) and I still get hungry. I usually know I'm in ketosis when I'm freezing cold.

You can get sticks from the chemist if you really want to check but they are notoriously unreliable.

For what it's worth I don't really get stressed about ketosis. So long as you're following the plan, you'll lose weight. :D x
It takes me a good 6 days to get into ketosis.
But I still lose, so I am not too bothered :)
I don't get the signs of ketosis hun - I'm day 6 of TS (was messing about beforehand with packs, but not TS) and I still feel hungry - apparently in ketosis you don't feel hungry at all. But I am still losing lbs and inches, so must be burning fat. Perhaps some people are in ketosis, but don't get the physical signs of it? Hope so anyway!
- apparently in ketosis you don't feel hungry at all. !
Thats not the case, ketosis will help with the hunger but it doesnt get rid of it completely. Most of us still feel hungry from time to time even in ketosis.

Its virtually unheard of for anyone to do a vlcd and not be in ketosis. Just stick with the packs and beileve in the diet. Dont stress over what you think 'should' be happening.
I totally agree with starlight, most people on a vlcd will go into ketosis but for me personally it doesn't take away the hunger, just gives me a bit more energy. All depends on your body really but if u stick at the diet it'll work regardless xx

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Well ive just had a weigh in.. i shouldnt have its been a week but i decided to weigh on sundays.. ive only lost 2 lbs in my first week. very dissapointed and upset right now. :(

i have exercised this week - and i have no idea why my weight loss is so low? does anyone have any idea why? :(
Can't really offer any advice except that we all have different patterns. My best friend always has a very small loss first week on any diet followed by a great loss the second week. Maybe your body needs a little longer to adust to it. Well done on losing 2lbs xx

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The only thing I can think of is if you are not drinking enough water ??
Or TOTM due ?
Otherwise, sorry :eek:.
Maybe next week will be good for you :)
TOTM has just started last night! so it could be a reason as to why i didnt lose much! hopefully!

hopefully by my 3rd week i should see some real improvements :)

Thank you guys xxx

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