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No Loss On Green Days

It could be that your body is just getting used to the change Hun, try mixing things up again this week and see how you get on.
I wouldnt fret at sts, at least you havent gained and if you stick to it 100% this week, you will see a good loss.


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I'm the same. I don't lose anything on red days so I stick to greens. Our bodies process foods differently and you may process carbs slower therefore benefit more from the red plan
I used to put weight on when I tried to follow just green days- as did my Mum - and she was a SW Consultant. She found that in her classes, the losses tended in general to be a bit better on red than green.

You may be very carb sensitive and following a green plan can be very high in High GI foods. Your body may just be more geared to following the red plan.

It suits some people more than others - at least you know that the red plan can work for you, if you had tried both and neither worked - then you'd have a prob!!! You may just have to include more red days.

Good luck with it

Carol x
I only do green, being a veggie but do have to watch bread because if I have it a lot in a week then my losses aren't as good. I think you just have to try figure what suits you best and follow that. At least if you have stuck to plan you should look forward to a lovely big loss next week.


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As above try Mix 2 Max or Extra Easy days. You can have your SW chips and gammon, etc. It really does make life easier! If you found you did better on red days, then do them again. I definitely do better on red, no doubt about it! I have a sluggish thyroid, so a high carb diet doesn't really do me much good.
I find green days fill me up a lot more, and I feel quite bloated and sluggish. But I think that's just me - pasta and potatoes feel stodgy and make for a heavy evening meal. I tend to stick with red but my OH misses potatoes so I'm trying a green day today. I've just cooked up Pasta n' Sauce for lunch, which looks lovely and seems excessively synful after weeks of salad, but I'm really looking forward to it - it's like comfort food that you can eat guilt-free. I have only a few green days here and there depending on how I feel mentally (nothing quite like SW chips, or mash!) but they don't really work for me. EE is great for flexibility if you go out or have things to use up in the fridge, but the losses aren't so good for me.

I think what I'm trying to say is what people have already said, everyone is different and once you find what works best for you then stick with that - there is no 'right or wrong'.
Its how the body reacts to carbs really.
I tend to have 6 red days and 1 green day and this works for me. If its TOTM, then I may throw in another Green Day, but rarely do.
You just have to find a balance that suits you rather than what we have.

Good luck!

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