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No Loss!

You say so far this week? How many days has it been? I do weigh in throughout the week, but try not to care too much about the figure till weigh-in day. Even then, I realise it has to be taken with a pinch of salt sometimes (e.g. around totm).

5 miles by the end of the month? Wow, I'm aiming to just be able to jog for 45 mins non-stop (about 4 miles max) but by the next 3 months roughly. I'm not a natural jogger unfortunately. Good luck on your goals :) Keep your chin up, you'll get there :)
I know it feels unrealistic to me to, but i have a friend who is really energetic and keeps nagging and nagging me! So its more her goal than mine! Thank you for your advice. My weigh-in is normally a Sunday morning so im 2 days away.... Hopefully i will be a bit lighter by then.
If it makes you feel better, I'll sometimes go 5 days and scales won't budge, and I'll weigh in, and it'll all have come off suddenly at the end. The converse more commonly happens to me, all comes off at the start, then stalls at the end of the week. Don't worry, and let us know how you get on Sunday (so we can congratulate you) :D


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Morning everyone!

Well No Loss this week:cry:well so far!

On the diet front i have done so well been keeping on track with my set meals/shakes. Been exercising like mad cause want to be able to run 5 miles by end of month. But yet still nothing!

Hmm, I don't know why you haven't lost, but here's a wee story for you.

Last night I was at the gym and decided to weigh myself on their scales - my weight was 12.13.

Now I usually weigh myself at the same time each morning, wearing the same things (pjs). This morning I weighed myself and was 12.6, a difference of 6lbs.

My question is, are you weighing yourself wearing same clothes, same time of day? Are you measuring yourself weekly too? Are you following a recognised VLCD programme, or doing it yourself? Hopefully the latter, because it will be safer and more effective for you.

Finally, be careful with the amount of exercise you are doing if you are following a VLCD. Ask at your gym for a specific programme to be devised for you, bearing in mind that you are following a VLCD. The advisors at the gym should be able to help you to maximise the effectiveness of your workouts.

Good luck!
Morning hun!

What diet are you doing, and how long have you been doing it? I've been on Exante for 6 days now and I've not lost anything either :( But my scales seem to be broken as they give different readings depending on where they are placed in the bathroom! I used one of the 'healthy weight machines' in Boots on Monday for more of an accurate reading, so hopefully I'll be able to go down there weekly to see the weight dropping off.

Good luck hun!x
Don't let it put you off!
If you're exercising alot you're probably toning up and gaining muscle hence the no loss.
Some time we lose inches not weight, so dont lose heart if you are honestly following the diet, it will work..... sometimes it takes a while for our bodies to recognise what we are doing xxxx

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