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No Support from Pharmacy :(

I am now just starting week three and I have found that the girl that does all my weigh ins isn't the most helpful or supportive person, I had my first weigh in last week and was a bit upset that I had only lost 4lb, but she couldnt give me an explanation as to why and now today I have been to be weighed and get my weekly supply of Lipotrim, yet due to the bank holiday the pharmacy isn't even open!! I had a massive panic, as I thought I wouldnt be able to eat at all today, luckily one of my friends had some spare shakes. I am really annoyed that the pharmacy dont offer any support or even seem to care. How would I go about complaining about this situation as Lipotrim are also closed today?
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Hiya. You should get some extra shakes this week so that your not caught out again. I got three extra shakes so that if i ever cant get in on time i still have some shakes. It sounds like your pharmacy is bad so if they say they cant give them to you then you can get free shakes from lipotrim. Its a pity that that is your situation but remember that it really doesnt matter what she is like cos your doing this for youself and you'll b delighted at the end. If your really not happy qith her then maybe there is another pharmacy close to you that you can go to for more support? And you can always get support on here. I find this site great for motivating me and answering any of my queries. Xx
:) Thank you for your reply, unfortunately this pharmacy is the only one in our area that does Lipotrim. You are right tho' I am doing it for myself and I can see by reading people posts on here that this is a very supportive forum :) I just feel like that every Monday (weigh in day) I feel deflated, but now I know that I can come on her and get the support I need xx


Getting married in July!!
Exactly!! Maybe come on before and after weigh in and the support will give you a bit of a boost!! Maybe d lady in the pharmacy doesnt want to b too interfering but maybe if you try to engage her more she'll rise to it. If not its an awful pity. Parhaps also you could get good support from your family/ friend / partner. I know that once i explained it properly to them they became a great source of support. Some of the girls in my pharmacy are great and others are xrap so i know how you feel. Its deflating. Xxx
hey tilliblue and welcome to the forum, firstly -4 well done regardless that its not as much as you thought its still a big loss. secondly dont worry about the chemist to her you are just a number hun, and thirdly(if thats a word) your doing amazingly to be on week 3 so hold your head up and be strong x x x
hey tilliblue and welcome to the forum, firstly -4 well done regardless that its not as much as you thought its still a big loss. secondly dont worry about the chemist to her you are just a number hun, and thirdly(if thats a word) your doing amazingly to be on week 3 so hold your head up and be strong x x x
Thank you :) I do get a lot of support from my Boyfriend, I dont think my family truly understand the diet, my mum keeps offering me cups of tea!!
I have dieted before, but last time it was weight watchers and the staff there are very supportive. I think I was just expecting a bit more medical support from the pharmacy, I know two other girls that do lipotrim and they both had their blood pressure taken and were made to watch the dvd, I have done neither.
I really don't get any support from my pharmacy either but then I come on here for that! At the end of the day I don't think they really have the time or probably training to know what to say! I always hated the WW and SW condescending way of congratulating anyway...

Ahh, I am a misery today! x
One week when Clepottage and I went to the pharmacy, a different lady was working. Cle lost a fabulous 4lbs (bear in mind you are only 'expected' to lose 1 stone a month, which is about 3lbs a week) and this woman said 'well that's not a good loss' - astonishing! (I lost less and fortunately she didn't comment - probably because I told her what I thought about her comment to Cle!) Some of them just don't 'get it'. 4lbs is fab - well done!
That is the exact response I got and then she said 'well if you dont do any better next week then Ill have to call head office and see what we are doing wrong' great vote of confidence there :)
Contact Lipotrim/ Howard Research their number is on the bag and explain to them the complaint that you have with the pharmacy you have been using.

As for losing 4lbs that isn't a bad amount to lose as there are some people who've lost a minimum 1lb over a week. So try not fret over the 4lbs as the rough average weight-loss over a month is 1 stone.

Good luck and let us know how you get on with your complaint.
Did you ask her how much she expects you to lose? It seems very bizarre to me! I did have a good loss my first week, but then it's all averaged out. On my 3rd week I only lost 0.6lbs, but then 6.6lbs in week 4 so balanced out to about 3.5lbs a week which is normal!
Thanks for all the replies :)
I had my belated weekly visit to the pharmacy today, I lost 5lb (whoo hoo) but again I was asked this time if I had cheated!!! I couldnt believe it! Think a call to Lipotrim is definitely needed :mad:
Well done tilliblue thats amazing!! I cant believe she asked you that with a 5 pound loss!! Obviously she isnt trained properly. xx


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Its a pity ur not getting the support u need, i haven't experienced that so far! but u do have us i know its not the same when shes supposed to be a trained professional ! i would definitely consider reporting her if it persists, i only started last week and i felt it was a big step to walk through the door and ask for help i cant imagine myself going back in if i wasn't receiving the support that i deserve (im paying enough €65 per week) hope it improves 4 u.
When I go to the chemist I just want my White and green bag. I don't even want to look at them twice. I know I'm doing well because of the support of my family. I have quite expensive scales at home. Better than my pharmacists one! And weigh my self every 2nd day. From the verystart I new I couldn't count on them. They're there to make money off u! So when I'm there I don't make small talk. Just answer thier questions in the shortest sentence I can think of. Pay in cash and run!


Getting married in July!!
-5lbs and she asked if you cheated?! Thats a bit nutz isn't it seeing as they say about 3.5 lbs a week!!!!!! 5 is loads. I'd be well happy with that!!! she clearly hasn't a clue!!! which is a pity because she should be there for you. Don't let it get you down cos your flying, no matter what she says.

could you try switching weigh in to a day when shes not working so you could get someone else and hopefully better?
yes thats a good idea. i have to say my chemist is brill there is 3 people you cam see there and they all have been on lt so know what we are going through its a real pity yours is being so unsupportive. x x

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