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No washing up! lol


Fridge Dodging
I don't know if anyone else does this and I only realised its working today. I am a stay at home mum and get very bored which leads to me picking at crap. Just this week I have started leaving my plate/bowl or whatever I have had my dinner on infront of me so that when I am bored of watching kiddy programs and feel like fridge dipping I look at the plate and think 'you only just ate' I leave it for about an hour or so and it really works for me. OK it looks awful if someone comes in and there is a plate or something on the table but I spose in my mind it's reminding me that I AM NOT HUNGRY - JUST BORED. lol. Just wondered if anyone else does it.
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Fridge Dodging
Oh and I am also thinking of putting my goodies on top of the wardrobe upstairs so they dont fall out on me every time i open the cupboard. And the chances of me running upstairs just for a cake is slim. lol.


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
In a similar spirit I put washing up liquid on my plate as soon as I finish.....so I can't pick at anything I leave (I often decide I've made enough 'room' about 5 mins later!)
From now on all my dishes will be left on the table covered in washing up liquid - good job my mother lives far enough away, she'd be horrified! Good plan cup.
. And the chances of me running upstairs just for a cake is slim. lol.
HAHA i would think i was rewarding myself by going upstairs for it:p
I just put all my dirty plates in the wardrobe upstairs! :D

I'm a bit of a neat freak and everything goes in the dishwasher the minute its finished with
As i'm a short a**e I just put all goodies in the top cupboard so I have to go and get a chair to stand on to fish em out
its then hubby's cue to ask me if I have enough points for them


Fridge Dodging
pmsl. I think were onto something here!

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