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No weight Loss


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Anyone got any idea why I am not losing any weight? I lost 3lb the week before Christmas then came off the pills for Christmas week. Went back on them but haven't lost anything since then. I am doing the 30 day challenge on wii and I haven't gone over my fat grams at all. Its not time of the month, I am not menopausal and I have about 6 stone to lose.
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the only thing i can think of is your body is still catching up on what you had over christmas .....

maybe give it a little bit...

are you drinking plenty of water?
what about your carbs? are you having too many?? sugar??
(just a load of suggestions....)

hope you are doing ok... have you tried measuring yourself.. i know when i sts i still lost inches which was a fab boost!


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Sometimes I find being a little bit constipated can add weight too


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Id say constipation can lead to sts! When u started on tablets did u get bunged up? You could try uppin your fibre!



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Are you keeping a food diary? Maybe post it here and we can maybe see something that will help you.


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Thank you for all the pointers I really appreciate it :) Today was official weigh day and I officially lost NO weight this week. I am more than a bit peed off because I have drastically reduced the calories I was eating and cut out all the bad snacking on sweets, crisps and cakes.

I have realised however that I haven't been drinking water, its too cold. Therefore plan for now is to try and reinstate my water intake this week. I am also going to do a daily food diary post on my diary so I can see what I am doing and if anyone has any comments it would be appreciated. I am currently aiming for 1200 to 1300 cals a day and I am doing the 30 day challenge on wii


gunna be a fatty for ever
ooh i just noticed! is it your first week hun?

if so there are lots of people who didnt loose in thier first week! I was one of them! I was the same when i restarted mid last year



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Kind of Katie. I did the week before Christmas as my first week and lost three 3lb then came off the pills the night before Christmas eve. Over the Christmas period I put back on the three pound I lost plus another one. I started back properly last Saturday


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Dont lose heart, this happens. Up your water and fibre consumption & post a food diary. Remember, we're in this for the long haul. Good luck for this week.


Go on smile! =)
Sharon i know how u feel. I've sts for 2weeks now, with the weather and that i havnt been gyming it as much i would of like to. Dont get dishearted just pick yourself up and keep going x