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no weight loss

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
IF you have followed the diet strictly then it will be ok next week. Some weeks weight might not appear to shift but then the next week you have a big loss. Measuring your inch loss is a help too as this will keep you focussed. Don't despair, it will be fine next week.
I have just finished my third day, can't wait for the first week to be over as I know the weight loss during the first week is the greatest, need motivation boost to keep me going as this is harder than i expected...
ah thankyou i did shed a tear or two , kinda thought what is the point as i am starving myself for bugger all hopefully i will have a lost next week the pharmacy tried to accuse me of cheatinga nd i really havent at all not even a crumb.
mon9349: the only thing i can suggest to u and the way i have managed is to stay focused , everytime i think of what i am missing especially the likes of wholemeal bread and cheese:) i then think about what i am aiming for , the things i can acheive when i am thin, i have a holiday to spain for september which will keep me going, its gonna be a long journey but we will all get there in the end if we keep together xx good luck to all
Hi all, I have to admit that when I started LT I was told not to weigh myself every day. It is however, something I have done for years and I just couldn't break myself of the habit. Talk about torture! There were some days when I actually put on a pound(which is why you should wait for your weekly weigh in). I didn't let that upseet me because I could feel it in my clothes which were much looser, I had more energy and I told myself each day that I was doing this for ME.

So keep focused and stay the course. If your pharmacist infers that you are cheating, just tell yourself that you know the truth, so what does it matter.

I'm sure that the next weigh in will be a good one. Let us know how you get on.

Cheers, Pat.
Me and my sister on on LT at the mo (week 5 on monday) we started the same day... i dont weigh everyday, just on a monday, but my sister does weigh everyday... when i was speaking to her last night she was so down because she has weighed the same all week, it hasnt budged at all, and last night she was feeling like "whats the point", but she has just called me to say she has just had her weigh in (hers is every sat) and she has lost 4 pounds this week! she weighed on her home scales this morn too and they say the same...

So i think, best thing to do is not to weigh! she was feeling like giving up last night and now today she is so happy again!


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I have just finished my third day, can't wait for the first week to be over as I know the weight loss during the first week is the greatest, need motivation boost to keep me going as this is harder than i expected...
Hi, Sorry but the above is not necessarily correct as everyone loses differently. Some of us didn't loose more in the first week and I was really really disheartened and nearly gave up - thankfully others put me right.

In my first week I lost 5lbs, and was disappointed, 2nd week lost 6lbs, so that was fine, 3rd week only 2lbs, but still on the diet and target, 4th week 4lbs so it all balances out in the end.

Keep it simple - less calories in will always result in a positive outcome.
do you think it was cos on my second week my urine sample showed i wasnt completely in ketosis, i do try to drink at least 4 pints or more a day , not really sure what ketosis does can anyone explain pls , i dont feel hungry have a furry tounge and a funny taste in my mouth, i was worried that the weight not be ing lost might be cos i drunk too much water btw i only weigh once a week every time with the pharmacist xx
Hi there don't overthink this just let it happen as it shud, therre are many reason that we may sts, I always sts on totm, and the week I have been manically busy I lost 2lb , but the next week lost 7lb, in my opinion the beat thing to do on this diet is to stop thinking about it and let it happen, you can't control how your body is going to lose weight, but it will.

Let your brain talk a holiday form thinking about and enjoy the freedom.
Hi there
No loss weeks do happen. I had a week with no loss and it is disheartening but please don't let it get the better of you....chances are you'll have a big loss next week!
Just one other thing - make sure you're drinking lots of water. Everyone has a different amount which seems to work for them, for example, I find if I drink under 3 litres my losses are lower.
Stick with it. It will work!! Promise!!


Eyes on the Prize!!
Definately true. When I havent had my daily quota of water my losses were definately lower.
ok i have been makin sure i have my water in take today, hopefully i can keep it up, i am trying to have pint with shake and have a pint in between and then my usual boiled water or black coffee,
and your probably right about over thinking as i often do that with everything, am just gonna focus on the whys i am doing it and not worry about the losses thanks guys xx


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Try and have 8 glasses of water a day besided hot drinks and shakes. I put 8 glass nuggets in windowsill when I'm at home and drop one into a pot every time I drink, then I know where I am : )
I'm having around 2 litres of water plus my shakes & a couple of peppermint teas. Do you think this enough or should I aim for 3+ litres? I'm only limiting my intake due to frequency of loo breaks.
I am not sure if it will help but after a few weeks of only a few pounds of weight loss and our pharmacist expecting much more, she asked us to change the times of day that we take our shakes and not to be starving ourselves during the day. So instead of having 1 shake at 3pm and another at 8pm (only two for guys) she asked us to have one at lunchtime and the other at dinner time.

I did - and I wasnt starving by the evening as I expected to be and it did seem to kick start the expected weight loss she wanted to see much quicker.

I dont know if it is definately true or not but it seemed to work for us and we are sticking to it now.




No longer a redhead though!
Thanks Paul, that is a really interesting point. Wonder if there is any other information about it anywhere on this site!?

I tried at the begining to have shake for breakfast, then lunch and then dinner. But I have naturally ended up copying my previous eating times, just coffee for breakfast, shake for lunch, chicken soup around 6pm and then hot chocolate 10pm ish.

One of the difficulties for me is that I am not hungry at all so fits in better that I have the last shake to look forward too in the evening.

So, does anyone have any more thoughts on the times v weight loss.

I am aware that it is obviously better on a good diet to have breakfast lunch and dinner - and so maybe I should re-look at that when re-feeding.

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