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Extra Easy No Weight Loss...?

I've been doing mostly extra easy and a couple of red days over the past 2 weeks and have lost absolutely nothing!

I have been sticking to plan 100%.
The only thing I can think of is that I haven't been eating my full 15 syns.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips that can help me out? I'm starting to feel down and depressed about my lack of success so far. :(
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I was the same. On extra easy and didnt cheat at all. I lost 2lb x
What size are your portions and are you getting your 1/3rd of superfree.

I've a friend who was doing it but not losing weight but then when she told me the quantity of food she was eating I wasn't surprised. She was eating in one sitting what 4 of us eat between us!

I'm not suggesting you're doing this it's just possibly something to look at:)
Posting a food diary would be really useful. list absolutely everything including drinks (squash, etc.). This way if there is anything at all that is obvious, we can tell you.

Many people lose weight on extra easy - I do think its about keeping a strict count on superfree foods eaten (making sure you have one third of every meal as superfree foods) and about having one A and one B healthy extra.

There is a link to my food diary below, I eat only Extra Easy. x
i am the same i have lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks, the last few weeks have been crap , i am sticking to the plan , and last night i was up half a pound , i am very active - being a dairy farmer- so am a bit peeved , any suggestions ? also i am due af in the next few days would this affect my weigh in, haven't been very hungry this last few days either:cry:
farmer me, just post a diary of what you eat on here and I'm sure you'll get some feedback.

12lbs in 8 weeks is good weight loss too! other things which speed up my losses are drinking LOTS of water and replacing meat with fish.

I'm the same. Been on EE since starting the plan again in June and STS the past 2 weeks. I'm going back on to R&G like I did a few years back, as I know they work for me. So fingers crossed this week i'll see a loss at lease lol :p x. Good luck x.
Do you eat a third superfree with each meal?
Do you snack only on superfree foods?
Do you weigh and measure your A and B choice?

All these things should help you.


One day at a time
It might be helpful to read Capricorn's weightloss diary 'shedding the wobble' as she lists everything she eats and has pics so you get a sense of portion sizes.
I've found her record really helpful. Even tho people loses at different rates depending on their weight/mobility etc, you might find it useful for reference. :)

I noticed she began doing all EE days and was losing well, although I think she prefers Red days now.
we are encouraged to stay on the ee plan at our class, for breakfast i had 28g special k with slimline milk and a banana and a fat free yoghurt and a cup of tea... lunch will be a chicken breast with a laughing cow xtra light triangle in it , and tea will be a steak and baby boiled and beans and a couple of glasses of spritzer ;) fruit to snack on
I have a food diary but just on paper. It would probably be an idea for me to start one on here then!
Thank you for that suggestion, I hadn't thought to ask anyone on the forum to look at that.

I will go and create one now then!
Is there anywhere specific I should do it?

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