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Cruise PV No weight loss!!


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Just completed my first week on cruise, following PP, PV alternating each day. I started at 75.5 and today I am 75.3 -200g!!! Pathetic! Had good weight loss in attack and even though I was not expecting huge amounts of weight loss, I thought I'd at least loose 1 pound/1/2 kilo!

Trying to analyze why! I have been ill in bed with a 102 fever so no exercise for 4 days and didn't eat for 2 days, perhaps that slowed my metabolism down??

Anyone else experienced the same weight loss stall?
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Yes, I did, and it happened to me on Weight Watchers and South Beach too, so obviously something about my metabolism. Dr D recognises it as a common problem and suggests several things: increasing exercise and walking to an hour a day, increasing the water intake, and being a bit more strict on tolerated foods -eg cut down or out cocoa, fruit yogurts, etc, - and checking the measurements of bran, as he says most people have slightly more than they are supposed to. He also says, reduce or cut out smoked fish for a few days, as he thinks it may increase water retention a little. I also increased my fish intake instead of meat, and used things like prawns a bit more.


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Thanks to you both for responding, it's so good to know I am not alone! Have just been for a 55 min walk and enjoyed prawns for lunch! ;)


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Oh and how much exactly is a tablespoon? I looked up on google and it said 15ml = 1 tablespoon. Is that about right?


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Also - your weight loss may stall due to "time of the month" issues.... mine always does, for up to 10 days a month.


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