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No WI today...

This is taking incredible strength for me...I was supposed to get weighed today because I thought I'd have used up all of my shakes..but I have a couple more days worth from previous attempts (still in date lol) so I'm going to keep my original WI day which is Friday. That way it'll be a full week since I last weighed in, in stead of 5 days. Though I'd love to get weighed just to see!!

On the up side I have developed a love for faulty scales. In the supermarket last night and got my son to lift a set of scales onto the floor so I could sneakily weigh myself. :)o -yes I am that desperate lol -but it weighs in stones and mine weighs badly in KG's so...ah forget it I'm just desperate) Anyways, it had me, in full woolly jumper and coat weighing at just over 12 stone. Now considering at last WI I was 13 st 5lbs it is pretty safe to assume that these scales are a bit -just a little bit -wrong! But it felt good nonetheless!! It felt good for just a split second to imagine that YES! I had lost over a stone in 4 days PMSL

I think I might have to buy those scales ya know hehehe
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Lol I would love scales like that. I have weightwatchers electronic ones and they telling me all sorts of weird weights. going to have to invest in a good set when I refeed and maintaining. I aint gaining weight again! never ever! :D hopefully by this time next year Ill have a washboard stomach and goddess like curves :crazy:


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LOL...I want some too....would be nice to see my weight drop that quickly...if only!!! good luck with WI on friday,caz xx
lol -I dont think I've lost loads -in fact my scales show a 2kg gain!! I know I cant have gained but if I'd lost anywhere near a stone I'm sure the shift in KGs at home would be in the opposite direction lol

I'll just have to wait and see. :D
where did ya see those scales? I could do with some of them!!

lol -at a local spar I'm afraid missus. Think we could be onto something here -lets invent them and have it patented! ;)
Dodgy scales in my favour - love 'em!!!!!

Good luck tomorrow Rose, I'm sure you will have done really well and I'll look forward to hearing how well tomorrow.


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