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Non-Food Rewards?

I havnt seen a thread about this so forgive me if its been done already!

I thought it would be good to have a thread so people can share their non-food rewards with us so we get some ideas!

I got my stone award yesterday and so got my hair done,

for another reward, maybe 2 stone one, im getting my tattoo done over as its fading (small one on my shoulder-right where the bra strap is..doh!)

And when i get to target, except from obviously getting new clothes, i will be treating myself to a new small tattoo on my shoulder diagonal to the one i have, a chinese symbol meaning "mother".
(the one i already have is a chinese symbol meaning "truth, real and sincere"

So what are your treats/rewards?:D
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I haven't been rewarding myself, I don't like going to the hairdressers or stuff like that!
aww you should reward yourself with something, you have done so well! Maybe something like a relaxing bath, or a new book or something, or renting out a film u want to see (i notice all but one of these things costs money, unfortunately!!)


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each stone i lose my friend always gets me something for the first one i got an impulse set the second one she brought me a top i have plenty more to go xx
i just remembered something, when i was 17-18ish my parents said they will give me £100 for every stone i lose....i never took them up on their offer grr, and i only had about 2 stone to lose back then!
I wonder if the offer still stands....6 yrs later?? lol
unfortunately they are stuck for money right now lol and mum is doing slimming world too (shes lost 15.5lbs in 3 weeks!!) So mum will need the money for new clothes for herself soon hehe
yea im jealous lol shes nearly caught up with me lol!! im so glad shes enjoying it though, shes so much happier! :)


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I like to do beauty treatments like pedicures, or if I have really been good then I like to have reflexology which is so relaxing and fab!

I love getting my hair done, my hairdresser does a head massage when she puts conditioner on my hair, it's so nice..... If I could afford it I'd get my hair washed by her every morning!!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i can't think of anything to reward myself with.

i HATE getting my hair done, even though it's my best friends sister and we get on really well, but it's just the length of time it takes and i hate sitting and waiting ages just so my roots disappear. i don't like any pampering activities...so the thought of having my nails done, going for a massage, etc. is my idea of hell. guess i'm not a girly girl...was a bit of a tomboy growing up. i like looking pretty and feminine...but it's on my terms and the less time it takes the better! lol ...which is probably why my fella moans about my stubbly legs most nights! pmsl

i think i should be rewarding myself but can't think of anything. i suppose once i've lost 3 or 4 stone then i will start buying clothes. in the meantime i'm happy to have a takeaway every time i weigh-in...unless it starts to affect my weight loss.


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I've never rewarded myself with anything other than chocolate but I have been thinking that I should line up some non-food rewards!


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I get my nails done or my hair done (I do have these things done anway - but I get them done extra as a treat!) My mum has bought me loadsa stuff as a reward for losing weight, and BF buys me little treats for doing well. Its helped me having a little treat xxx


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
What ones u got and how many? lol:D i love tattoos...
I love kat von d too
I love kat Von D too! I don't have as many as her though ha ha! I have 7, getting number 8 next month. Ok, from the top i have Taz on my shoulder, Looney Tunes logo with Bugs Bunny and 'That's all folks' at the base of my spine, a heart with my star sign in it and stars either side on my wrist, Marvin the martian on my butt cheek, my star sign on the inside of my ankle, a barcode that translates to my name and date of birth on my foot and above that I have a fern leaf. My next one will be 'strength and serenity' in japanese which is my martial arts academy slogan and logo on my hip

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