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Non-food treats!

Hi I posted the exact same thing the other day! I've only just restarted the diet but I'm thinking of treating myself to a nice facial or pedicure or new piece of clothing as I go along! how often do you treat yourself? I wad thinking each time I reach a goal, so maybe each half a stone or at 5% 10% etc if I can work them out! No good at maths! Lol :)


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I just replied to you lol- I think goals like 5 etc are too far fromeach other so I'm doing every 5-7 lbs - or when I have the money lol
I was thinking of doing both! Lol but I'll see may just do each half stone, but itl be a long wait near the end when it slows down! hmmm ill have a think!
My plan is to buy a new charm for my bracelet every time I loose a stone. That way I'll have a constant reminder of my achievements to date. For every half stone I'll maybe treat myself to something pretty when I'm out shopping :)

I think it's a great idea to reward yourself when you've done so well :D
linzi lou if you look in one of the books your books it tells you want your 5% and 10% targets are
or tell me your current weigh in stone and ill work it out for you

last week i reached my 10% and got my 3rd silver 7
Well done! that's sooo good can't wait till I'm saying that! I didn't no it says it in the books, I do have them but not looked at them for ages, just the food guide. I've replied to your msg on the other thread too, I will find my books and have a look, thanks

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