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Non fruit and veg lovers


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You can always get in loads of veg in stews and casseroles, as well as soups (seach for 12 speed foods soup) and sauces.
If you're doing EE it's important to incoorporate 1/3 super free fruit/veg into your day.


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thanks im doing extra easy just find it really hard with the fruit and veg do u think it wont work well for me? how much should i really be eating when it comes to fruit and veg on slimming world


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not really to be honest i can eat veg if im having a proper meal with potatoes meat ect but need a sauce for the veg
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At least a third of every meal should be fruit/veg. For breakfast you could have fruit on cereal. Salad or soup with lunch etc. Fruit or raw veg for snacks.

Veg with a meal doesn't have to be boring. You could have a ratatouille type dish on the same plate as your meaty stuff. Of if you make pasta, the tomato passata counts as does onion, mushrooms, peppers etc. Do you like curry or chilli?

Perhaps you could look at the recipe threads for ideas.
perhaps you can boil up a load of veg and make a soup - that way you can eat you 5 a day, in soup format - and keep your meals plain???

Send the food abuse police round if this isnt in the SW rules, but personally i think its a way round it.



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thanks guys u have given me great ideas I had thought about putting it in soup form like today with lunch i have half a bowl of syn free soup its carrot and potatoe soup but really love it


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I'm a veg hater, the only veg i like isn't superfree (sweetcorn) i'm going to try and try to eat it again but it makes me gag. I'm not to bad with fruit i like apple, bananas, oranges and grapes. I've always avoided EE because of the veg, so i stick to red and green!
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Hey Roxy,

I'm with u sweetie, i hate veg and fruit i am getting better at veg and my boyfriends mum is brilliant with making me try it so she is making me a syn free soup.
I tried berry's for the first time the other day they where ok like so i'm thinking of putting some in some jelly.
If u find any ideas let me know haha, i'm just kind of trying to work the diet around what i like if i'm honest. I lost on ww b4 by not having salads i could not think of out worse than salad i see it like eating a tree hahaha x x


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thanks so much for the replys i just feel now i have not been doing sw correct as i do it from home and have not been eating the fruit and veg that i should so i will try to make the effort to eat it
What I don't quite understand is that people say that they don't like vegetables as if all vegetables were alike. When, in fact, they are totally different.

I can't stand beetroot, or peas, or brussels sprouts. So I don't eat them. (Although the dinner at the SW Woman of the Year event this year has roasted baby beets as one of the vegetables, and I have promised to try them - just a bite! - as I am told they are quite different cooked like that!)

But I like other vegetables - the only thing they all have in common is that they are called vegetables. Cucumber is nothing like tomato. Aubergine is nothing like parsnip. Cabbage is nothing like broccoli (despite coming from the same brassica family). Peppers are nothing like mushrooms.

I am not, I promise, being critical here. I just don't understand it.


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I do like some veg just find it hard sometimes to include veg in my meals like if im having sw chips with beans its hard to add veg to that but if i was having potatoe dinner with meat i would eat more veg
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I know what u mean chick, i dnt understand why people like salad but thats just my opinion aint it?
Just eat what u sodding can chick and make soups and blend them to get ur veg thats what im doing. Like a veg next to ur sw chips is gonna make u drop the pounds, im like u honestly i can eat veg with a sunday roast but i'd not even bother with egg and chips x x
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Can I join the Fruit & Veg haters union, I have a limited list that I like.

But I tend to make lots of soups and then use them as stocks too when making casseroles etc, I also add it into gravy...

I occasionally set myself a challenge of trying a new fruit or veg everyday for a week - and have suprised myself when I actually discovered I liked mango (in small amounts).

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Hello another Michelle :) i'm Michelle too

Hahaha yes join in we could all give eachother advice on how we get out 5 a day in on this diet!
I'm currently sat doing my menu for the next week and i am gonna do the soup today thou i really dnt know what veg i have put in.. How bad am i? Like what goes best in a soup? it just says pick any from ur free list ( well there is a few on that list may i add haha )

Hey u seem to be doing ok not eating veg n fruit thou like u have ur 1/2 star thing. well done chick x x x


Just doing it this time
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liquidise your veg into gravy add a bit of garlic and a quarter tin of tomatoes - fry up some onions - add peas - this is GREAT poured over mashed potatoes - with quorn sausages and boiled carrots - loads of veg there - try it.

Hope you like it.
I don't have a problem with fruit but can totally sympathise with the veg! I make tomato vegetable sauce for pasta. Soup is also a good way of getting lots of veg. I don't really enjoy most vegetables and who really wants a salad on a freezing cold day. I found another way of "hiding " veg is to cook it in a pot with potatoes and make a vegetable mash. Good luck

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