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Non wholemeal pasta ?!?


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I've never read or heard that non wholemeal pasta/ rice needs to be synned! Have I missed something?!? Xx


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I just checked my 2011 food directory and it says pasta dried (all types) free! I'm confused? I know it needs to be synned on the original/red plan. I dont go to a slimming world club so would love some help with this lol. I just read it again on the Spag Bol post in the recipies area on this bord. Someones recipie says 1/2 syn on EE or 6 1/2 if not using wholemeal pasta!


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All I can think of is that for pasta to count as a HEB on the red plan it needs to be wholegrain otherwise you could need to syn it.

But rest assured dried pasta of all varieties is syn free on green and EE - yes you are better opting for wholegrain because it fills you up for longer but the white stuff is free too.


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Thank you Circes. Few! lol. I should try wholemeal pasta really x
Thank goodness for that! If cooking got myself it's wholemeal. If family are having spaghetti Bol it's the White stuff I'm afraid! I've tried and they won't budge!!
Yep, I've just checked the book - p. 33: on Red the only pasta that is a HEX is wholemeal - 35g dried or 100g cooked. No other pasta is a HEX. All kinds of pasta are free on Green (and therefore EE).

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