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Hi all
well I am on day 5 now abd just tested myself and still no ketosis, I am fed up and wondering if nthis diet is going to work for me, I am feeling all this suffering has been for nothing and my body is letting me down and cant even function itself properly into ketosis.
A few years ago I did atkins and by the 3rd day I was in ketosis so I really dont know what as gone wrong, anyone any ideas????????

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hello hun, i dont have any ideas why your not in ketosis yet, sorry.
didnt want to read and run though!!

so good luck, keep going - i'm sure you'll get there in the end!! x


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morning Terri, please don't give up, the results you will see on CD you will see on no other diet. Have a look at the inspirational slides on this site for a big motivational boost. ALso, you may be testing negative for ketosis due to the amount of water you are drinking which will dilute the ketones and thyere will be a negative result when in fact you are actually in ketosis. Hang on in there and after your first weigh in you'ill be pleased you did xxxxx
also all the support you need is right here hun :)

yes I have been drinking alot of water i didnt realise that could dilute the result although I havnt read it happening to anyone else, however already had to brush my teeth 3 times this morning due to an unpleasent taste in my mouth so hopefully that could be a sign that I am in ketosis



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Yep. Certainly sounds like you are in ketosis. Don't worry about the stix. They never showed ketosis for me. Beige, beige, all the way. Still lost 8 stone though and had other symptoms as you described.

I feel a bit better now think I might discard of the sticks as it seems to be demorlising my mouth feels like the bottom of my parrots cage yuk lol maybe the sticks just dont work for everyone although it would be nice to see that the diet is working, oh well 2 days to go untill my 1st weigh in then we shall see

You should test for 2nd wee in the morning and dont drink water because it will dilute the wee so much it csn test you negative for ketosis. It sounds to me as though you are though due to the unplasant after taste in your mouth.


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don't trust the stix hon. they really aren't reliable. if you are doing everything right then you will hit ketosis. and even without ketosis you'd lose weight on this diet due to calorie deficit. keep it up until your first weigh in and i think you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

abz xx


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Waht colour was the test stick ?
just to echo what everyone else has said. stick with it, the pee sticks dont work for everyone, if you are sticking to it 100% then you dont even need them. not long till your 1st wi your doing brill :) x


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Definately stick with it. I couldn't tell you if I'm in ketosis or not, but I know the weight has began to drop (More than what my weigh in showed we agreed last night)
If you can get through week 1 I'm sure you'll see the benefit, I have.
When I first lost my weight I never really got into ketosis according to the sticks .... I had the odd "minor" colour change, but never time after time. At that time I did sole source for 5 months and lost 7st 2lbs ..... so I would not worry. Just go by what the weigh-ins tell you.

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Water does dilute so the most important thing is ONLY to test for ketosis FIRST thing in the morning. You only need a slight pink -- we are only looking for "mild ketosis" remember.
Try in the morning and good luck.


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I've said this before and been shouted at, LOL, so I should probably just shut up--but I can't, it just bugs me too much...

I do wish there wasn't so much emphasis on using ketostix. In my humble opinion, they're a waste of money. You don't need them, they're not even designed for this use. If you're doing SS 100%, it's virtually impossible for you not to be in ketosis after the first 3 days.

Save your money and put it towards buying new clothes for the new slimmer you, LOL.

Right, shutting up now. Feel free to bash me, I probably deserve it... In fact, I'll bash myself--here, look :whip: :whip:


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i just don't think they are reliable enough and for many people it gets them down and makes them feel like a failure when the stix just don't work... i have used them a total of three times and those were the three my cdc gave me when i started. i wouldn't buy them personally...

abz xx
I think you are right - it's one of those things I think we feel we "must" do, even though we can tell by the symptoms we have (smelly breath, not feeling hungry, having more energy, etc). I remember my first few weeks I tested every day like a blooming obsession! But then I just stopped bothering as I know I am in ketosis, so there's no point.

You sound like you're in ketosis so keep going and your weigh in will spur you on x

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