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Norfolk meet ??????


Serial Foodie!
you'll find that people will travel to meets so dont worry about how many r local :) when were u thinking of?


Serial Foodie!
mike (icemoose) is in norfolk, isnt he?


Serial Foodie!
i like norfolk. i could make it, depending when it is :)


Gold Member
Well if anyone has any suggestions for dates or places, I don`t mind sorting something out.
Say end Sept beginning of Oct.
Norwich is probably most central and accessible, with lots of choice, or even Kings Lynn but possibly more limited there.
Will look at a few places and get back to you, unless some one else wants to organise it. I don`t just want to jump in, being fairly new to all this lol


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LOL...it was ur idea! dont feel like theres some sort of food chain hun. i would like to come if its late sept/early oct. xx


The Diet Guy
I can do Norwich just let me know when and where, what about Starbucks in Borders ??? (not that I like coffee or anything!)


Wants to be a loser!
Hi Guys,

I am a Norfolk gal and would love to meet up. Just let me know where and when and I will do everything in my power to be there!!!!


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What about 6th October, its a saturday, Are Saturdays better for most people.
Would afternoon suit, maybe into evening if anyone is up for that.
Only been to Norwich a few times, but Starbucks sounds great.
What about riverside, or places near the train station, will have to do a rekkie to check out.
I will also "check out " the shops, just to make sure there suitable of course lol
Icemoose you prob have better knowledge than me.
Let me know what you all think about that date.
OOhhh so excited now


Serial Foodie!
I would come if it was in Norwich! I live in Great Yarmouth so only a bus/train ride away! x :)

hi tazzy! those "new thread" and "post reply" buttons r a nightmare being so close together, arent they! im gonna try to come. i live in devon but would get a hotel for the night. determined to get to as many meets as i can lol

Hi there
Hoping for 6th october in Norwich, details to follow.
Will update asap.


Full Member
Add me in too ~ I live in the Norwich area so for me Norwich city is just fine. As for venue, depends what folks are looking for ~ if it's a daytime coffee and chat then you're better off in the City Centre, if it's for an evening gathering then yeh Riverside is good.

Perhaps we could kick something off in Norwich and then move it around abit so others who have problems with travel also get to meet up ~ seems that's the way it works with others.

End Sept / early Oct should put me at target ~ so something to look forward to :clap:


Serial Foodie!
most meets go on all day and move around. its not the law or anything but would be fun. people r more likely to come from further away if theres something in both the day and night.
Count me in! Count me in! I am in Norwich! I work in the city at the local paper, sod it, EDP, Evening News and Advertiser, So I work in the building with the golden bellybutton outside! There are some great coffee shops round, like cafe nero, sturbucks (my fav) or BB's in the mall or chapelfeilds. Or Auberge in the mall! That would be sooooooo cool!


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Thanks for everyones comments, This could be great.
I have checked Norwich Citys fixtures list and there is nothing on it for 6 Oct.
So how is Saturday 6th october 2007 for everyone.
Possibly meet up in one of the coffee shops in afternoon then onto a few more places later on.
If anyone has any experience of meets can you give me some pointers please.

Could you please add your names so I can let you know when I have definate info.
Thanks for all the support from you all.:p :D


Wants to be a loser!
I have checked my diary and I am free for October the 6th (hoping to be onto maintenance steps by then eeeekk) so count me in Sazzy.

I live in the city so I am not fussy about venues.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone!!

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