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"Normal people" clothes shops!


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I am going to a wedding in a few weeks and it just occurred to me that I will need to buy a frock, so on saturday we went trawling around looking to see what was available.

It occurred to me that now I'm mostly in size 16 clothes I can go into lots of the "normal people" shops, i.e. the shops that don't sell clothes over a size 16 (evil places!)

So I went in and had a look, and tried a few things on even though I was convinced all of the staff were looking at me and "knew" that really I was too fat to shop there :sigh:

But stuff actually fit! I got into two size 16 dresses in Jane Norman of all places, and loads in other shops too. And I tried on a Julien McDonald dress in a 16 and it was too big and had to try the 14 :)

In the end I found a Karen Millen dress in the sales that I loved. They only had it in a 14 so I tried it on. It fits fine except for the boobs where it's a bit too tight :mad: With help from my other half I managed to get the zip up but really it's too small for now.

But since Karen Millen have a 28 day returns policy, I've bought it! I'm going to try it on in three weeks time and see if it's better, and if not I'll still have a week to return it and get something else. I'll be gutted if I have to do that though so fingers crossed!

Ooh, and here's a picture :)

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That dress is gorgeous. Im sure you will do great the next few weeks. I cant wait to shop in normal shops lol. xxx
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It's lovely! You'll easily do it.


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Oh my god thats absolutely gorgeous! Make sure you look at it every day to keep you motivated!!! You will look stunning!!!

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Beautiful dress hun. You'll do it. Just hang it somewhere you can see it to keep you motivated. xxx


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wow that is a stunning dress !
I am excited thinking about jane norman and karen millen (bet my hubby's not cos of the price) !

Well done you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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lovely dress and a wonderful feeling hun!
Loving the Karen Millen sale! :D


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Fab dress! I'm sure it'll be fine in a few weeks and at least it's something to keep you motivated!!

I haven't plucked up the courage to try Jane Norman yet, now that I'm a 14 in most places (apart from my huge thighs!) I may have to try!!


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Goergeous dress, I just love her stuff! you'll be very stylish in it, and I've no doubt it'll fit in time.


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OMG that dress is stunning I love it


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How nice is that dress!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x


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Love that dress! You must be excited at the prospect of wearing it. Have only ever once been in a Jane Norman shop, and have never browsed Karen Millen at all so its all alien to me but if thats a good example of what to expect i can't wait to be skinny enough to venture into normal shops! xx


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Thanks everyone :) Butterfly, make sure the first time you venture into a Karen Millen shop that you have someone to hold you up when you look at the price tags, they're rather shocking! That's why I only buy in the sales and only on special occasions :eek:
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That dress is GORGEOUS< I love everythign about it, i am sure it will fit you like a dream and you will feel fab in it. :D
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OMG! That dress is gorge! I want it!!!!
totally gorge dress missus, when it's too big for you can I have it?

you'll look lovely, and enjoy the wedding x

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